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February 22, 2002

Kevin Sutherland


Q. Talk about your match today.

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: You know, Jim didn't play well today. He missed a lot of short putts, which is very unlike Jim to do. And so I was fortunate from that standpoint that Jim just didn't play well today. I was struggling on the front. I made all pars, but I was struggling.

Then I kind of started playing a little bit better on the back. I didn't have a bogey today, so that's good. I wasn't giving him any holes, and I only had an eagle and a birdie.

Q. As far as all of the talk, there's been a lot of talk about players that have a lot of Ryder Cup experience, Presidents Cup experience, that really just seems to go out the window; it's just the better player that day wins.

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I really think who is playing better is going to win.

Q. But the talk about match-play experience, is that overrated?

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I think there's a little bit of experience in it. But I still think if you just try to play golf and not try to make it more than it is, then I think the better player will probably win.

Q. How important is conditioning; there's a possibility of playing 72 holes over the next few day, is that an important factor?

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I think so. I'm going to take it easy this afternoon. I'm not going to practice a lot or anything. Just going to try to stay fresh for tomorrow.

Q. When is the last time you played 36 in a day?

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I guess it would have been last -- the U.S. Open qualifying back in May.

Q. What are your plans as far as, quarterfinals, you have a big chunk of change coming; but what do you plan on doing on the golf course tomorrow?

KEVIN SUTHERLAND: Same as I did today. Just stay relaxed and just play golf and not -- not get too involved in everything that's going on. Just play my game and it's working well.

Actually, I will need to play very well tomorrow to win.

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