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September 17, 2021

Gemma Dryburgh

Portland, Oregon, USA

The Oregon Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Gemma Dryburgh, followed up a 68 with round of 69 today. Different conditions today, but you had a nice eagle out there. Tell us about your round today.

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, it was good. It was quite tough out there, like you said. It was quite windy. Reminded me of home a little bit, especially my back nine, the front nine. It's a bit more open around, there so it's kind of tricky to the get the wind on the back nine, but round there it's quite open so made it quite tough.

Q. Tell us about the eagle you had there. Looks like you had it on No. 7.

GEMMA DRYBURGH: That was yesterday.

Q. Yesterday, sorry. Read your card wrong.

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yes, I can tell you about it again.

Q. Yes, you could tell me about it again and that would've been wonderful, but I'll instead talk to you about the three birdies you had in a row. You had three in a row here, 16, 17, 18 looks like. That's a nice way to make the turn.

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, it was good. Yeah, so, yeah, on 16 just made a nice putt there, and 17, same thing, and 18 went for the green and was just in the bunker and came out to about seven feet and made the putt, so that was nice.

Good way to make the turn, like you said.

Q. You said this kind of feels like being home here. I've said this is as close I feel as I can get to Scotland without being in Scotland. What was it like being in home from a couple weeks, and I know also thinking back playing in some of those Rose Ladies Series events and the confidence you get from that.

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, so much. Won one a few weeks ago in JCB, which was kind of weather like this, quite windy. So that gives you so much confident. Just winning anywhere gives so you much confidence in your game.

Yeah, feeling really good with my swing and putting as well, so just going to take it into the weekend.

Q. We've gotten through the nice weather we're going to get and now we're getting into some more Scottish weather perhaps, some and some rain. How do you prepare for this knowing you can't prepare for it?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: You just have to expect for the worst and hope for the best, I think. Going to be tough for everyone, so just have to grind it out and do your best.

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