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September 16, 2021

Alena Sharp

Portland, Oregon, USA

The Oregon Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Alena round of 71. That's as great way to start a tournament and always good to finish with a birdie on 18. Tell us about that hole.

ALENA SHARP: Yeah, it's reachable par-5. I didn't hit a great drive but hit a nice layup and almost chipped it in. Had a tap-in birdie, so nice way to finish with birdie to get to under par for the day.

Q. What was the approach on 18 that was in so close?

ALENA SHARP: I just like just in front by the bunker. Perfect lie in the rough. Yeah, couldn't have asked for a better lie, so it was good. Like a 30-yard shot.

Q. And a couple birdies on the inward nine. Overall seemed like a pretty steady round for you. How do you feel?

ALENA SHARP: Yeah, I'm coming off a five-week break and I needed the break. I took three weeks off. Didn't touch a club. I feel really refreshed.

It's like for me, I'm starting my 2022 season this week, so it was nice to come out not start great, like I just didn't feel great with my iron shots, but I hung in there, made a some good putts.

Then on the back nine just found a little something and made more putts and hit it close and made a lot of birdies on that backside.

So I'm really happy to be sitting at 1-under with how I started and how I was feeling nervous and just a little off with my iron shots. You can't be off with your iron shots here.

Q. When was the last time you played?

ALENA SHARP: Olympics.

Q. Olympics, that's what I thought. So that was quite a long stretch. What did you with at that time, particularly the three week where you put the clubs away?

ALENA SHARP: Right, I took two week off at home. Caught up on receipts and mail and yard work.

Q. The grown up stuff?

ALENA SHARP: Yeah, and Sarah and I went to Jackson, Wyoming for six days. Did some hiking, white water rafting, went to Yellowstone. I was an amazing vacation, and then I was fresh and started practicing again.

Went and saw my coach in Canada last week to get a tune up and feel good.

Q. Had you been able to get to Canada recently or was that the first time in a while?

ALENA SHARP: First time in a while, yeah. Because I think it was in July, beginning of July you could go as a Canadian citizen without quarantining, and just with our travel, it was overseas, and so, yeah, worked out really well.

Q. I had that same question for Brooke who was able to spend some time at home. How important was it for you to be able to get back and see people? I know she works with Dave; her dad is her coach. Zoom is great, but there is nothing better than in person.

ALENA SHARP: Definitely, and my coach has like an amazing studio for putting. He's got Quintic and Swing Catalyst and gear, so you got -- I did the whole thing. 3D analysis, and with the putting, like when he was putting well in 2019 I went up there three or four times, so just have it dialed in. So it was nice to be able to do that. Haven't been able to do that since January.

Q. So you think that helped you with this round today? I know you said it was a little slow pickup, but at least you were feeling good coming in.

ALENA SHARP: Definitely. I felt for sure my putting saved me. I made some good birdie putts, made a couple good par saves. I think you have to do that out here. These greens are so fast. I don't think I've ever played on faster greens in my career.

You just have to be careful which side of the hole you're on. You cannot hit a long putt hard. It's very hard to judge.

Q. Interesting.


Q. Was Sarah being at all a help out there or was she just trying to keep from falling over with the hills?

ALENA SHARP: Yeah, she was. Yeah, we're a good team out there. I think just that break and just it's easier to communicate and we had a good day. I think was also helpful keeping it light.

Q. What did you take from today that you hope to put toward a good round tomorrow?

ALENA SHARP: I think it's going to be windy tomorrow again. Just got hit the fairway and be on the right side of the hole at all times. So just take the positives from today and move onto tomorrow.

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