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September 14, 2021

Lara Tennant

Point Clear, Alabama, USA

The Lakewood Club

Quick Quotes

Q. This will be your third straight time in the final; do you have a lot of confidence going into it?

LARA TENNANT: I think whenever you go into a final, you just have to take one shot at a time and just try to do your best on each shot. I don't really try to think about the end result, and confidence in the sense that I've been there before, and I understand the dynamics of it, but I think, again, you just try to play your best golf.

Q. The weather was a little rougher in the afternoon; how did your game change between rounds?

LARA TENNANT: It was rougher. I hit some really great shots, and then I hit a couple shots that were uncharacteristic of my game. If I like to blame it on the weather, why not. But otherwise I made some great putts, and a win is a win.

Q. I believe it was on 15, your second shot there, I think you maybe topped it or your hand slipped a little?

LARA TENNANT: Yes, my glove was wet. I don't like to make excuses, but my hand did slip.

Q. Did you start to feel any sort of added pressure after that? I think you were 1-up at the time.

LARA TENNANT: Well, I ended up tying that hole, so I was very grateful for that. That was lucky, fortunate.

Again, I was just trying to get some pars and maybe some birdies out there and just hold on with everything I could.

Q. Do you have any familiarity with Ellen going into the final at all, and what do you think about her game?

LARA TENNANT: Oh, Ellen is a legend. She's great. We were U.S. four-ball partners, so we know each other's game very, very well, and we're dear friends, and she's a great competitor. We're going to have a fabulous match tomorrow.

Q. I think you both have shown the ability in this championship, you going for your third straight, Ellen going for her fourth overall of being able to rise to the occasion when you need to. These tight matches, is there any particular time when you kind of either talk to yourself or say, okay, I've got to not necessarily do something special but really key in?

LARA TENNANT: Absolutely. If anyone plays golf, they know they talk to themselves a lot. So you just have to kind of bear down and just really try to grind it out and hit some good shots and hope the results are good.

Q. You've had a couple matches this week where you've been down one or two holes, and you said you needed to concentrate more on the process and just shooting a particular score rather than worrying about winning a hole. Was that your mantra today, as well?

LARA TENNANT: It was. It was. It'll be my mantra tomorrow, as well. Again, I don't really think of myself as playing Ellen, I think of myself as playing the golf course. It's a great golf course to play, so I'm looking forward to it.

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