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September 14, 2021

Susan Cohn

Point Clear, Alabama, USA

The Lakewood Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously it's hard to get to the semifinals and come that close to the final. I know you've been to a final, but I wanted to get to another one, so you've got to be a little bit disappointed, right?

SUSAN COHN: I am. I am. I wasn't my sharpest today. I played well in spots. At one point I was 3-down. Lara played beautifully, and she had three birdies on the front side, and I wasn't making any birdies.

So I feel good that we got to the 18th hole. She's an amazing player, and it was a treat to go around with her today for sure.

Q. You said yesterday, even though you won two matches that you needed to play better today. You needed to raise your level a little bit. Did you feel like you did that in the morning and this afternoon?

SUSAN COHN: This morning I played -- probably played the same both. The morning match was still great; don't get me wrong. But this afternoon I couldn't afford to make any mistakes this afternoon against a two-time former champion. That's a different situation. But you have to play sharp here. Lara herself had some close matches even getting to this point. You don't know. You still have to play solid.

Q. Did you feel like just looking at the week overall, I know you're not the longest player, but you need to be at the best in the short game. Did you feel like your game was up to the task in general?

SUSAN COHN: In general my short game saves me an awful lot. I mean, Sherry Herman and I, my caddie, were joking, I said, I'll chip it closer than half of these first putts, so I might as well miss a green or two now. But you can't rely on that, either, and I needed to putt better today, which I did not do.

You know, I made the two- and three-footers coming back, but I needed to make some of those birdie putts when I had the opportunity.

Q. If you can't get to the final match and win, everybody else goes home a little bit disappointed, right?

SUSAN COHN: Yeah, yeah. But you know what, I met great people. I've never played with Kathy before. Lara and I have actually not played much against each other. We've played, we've been around, but we've not had a match, so I was so looking forward to playing with her, too.

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