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September 12, 2021

Jamie Donaldson

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Close, you gave it everything. 18, brilliant shot in.

JAMIE DONALDSON: I knew I had to make that putt. I hit a great shot in there, great tee shot, 4-iron, perfect number to the flag. Draw it in nicely. I knew I had to make the putt and didn't hit the best putt to be honest. I misread it slightly which was annoying. Pace was perfect. But yeah, it wasn't to be. But happy with it, the way I played.

Q. To be standing here right now on Sunday as one of the last groups and still be disappointed, what does it say about the week that you've had?

JAMIE DONALDSON: Am I disappointed? No. I played really well for four days. There's not many shots, really, that I would want to play again. Maybe that putt at the last. It's easy afterwards, you know the line when it's behind the back of the hole.

Yeah, I've had a great week. I played really well. I really fancied my chances today. I really felt great going out. But I've shot 6-under. I can't do much more, so quite happy.

Q. It's been a brilliant week, and what do you take from the week as you go forward, everything that you've experienced with the fans and the atmosphere has been incredible, and of course the golf played?

JAMIE DONALDSON: The fans have been just unbelievable. I've played a lot of tournaments this year but there's been no fans. Very different events. Come here to our Flagship Event with so many people. It's like nothing else and it's so exciting, exhilarating and they are cheering you all the way down the stretch there. It's been electric.

Q. Did you have a number in your head?

JAMIE DONALDSON: I just tried to not get in my own way and shoot as low as I possibly could. I felt was though I was doing that today. You know, it was a shame to not make the putt on the last but it's no gimmie. I just misread it slightly. You know, I played some awesome shots coming in. Fifth eagle of the week. I kind of fancied it but it didn't go in.

What a great week. It's been great fun and I just kept my head down. Just kept giving myself chances. I had a good chance on 15, didn't make it. 16 I was 20 feet. Hit a decent putt but not quite firm enough. Last two holes, I was two putts on the end really, 15 and 18. If I make that, I win. But you.

Can't take much away from the fact that I played really, really good golf and no bogeys. And the crowd gives you so much energy, and it's been awesome. To have that many people back at a tournament again, it's like Ryder Cup sort of stuff; there's that many people there. I haven't played in front of big crowds like that for quite a long time, so it was pretty exciting.

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