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September 12, 2021

Justin Rose

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Came in this week wanting to make noise, 65 to close, what do you make of that?

JUSTIN ROSE: It was a fun Sunday. Really had the opportunity to go low today. I forced myself to go low today. I played match play against the golf course, good to get into the spirit of match play. I set a target and actually achieved my target today. Look back at, it left a few out there.

Not as good as it could have been and obviously trying to win a tournament, I needed everything to kind of go my way today from mid-range. A few slipped buy, missed one on 14, check.

Q. Pádraig wanted to find guys with the form and you don't have anymore form than 18. Talk us through?

JUSTIN ROSE: Thomas just gave me a great look and I had a lot of club in my hand. Forced myself to kind of go ahead and hit a positive, smooth draw. A smooth draw is not an easy shot, you want a hard draw sometimes, and it just came out perfectly. I heard how close Thomas's was. I've never had an albatross either. Amazing couple shots there and great to make the most of the crowd at 18.

Q. Do you feel like you've done enough for a pick?

JUSTIN ROSE: I would say I've given it a shot. If it doesn't go my way, I'll say good luck to the boys and cheer them on anyway. I actually don't know the permutation, I really don't. I don't know who I'm up against. Difficult to make a call. But I have a very good record and I have achieved some things in the game that stand me in good stead. I think from that point of view, I've given myself a great chance.

Q. 65 to close, you came in need to go make some noise for Pádraig Harrington, and appears to have happened. How pleased are you with what you have done?

JUSTIN ROSE: Great to make some literal noise at 18 in the amphitheater. Fun way to finish. I've enjoyed the crowds this week. Made a little noise today. Set myself a pretty positive target. I played match play against the course today in case I might need it in a couple of weeks and I managed to achieve the goal I wanted to but if I look back at the round there were some opportunities that slid past. Putter was average I think at best but fortunately I didn't need it too much today. Obviously the iron play was pretty good and got a lot out of the round from that point of view.

Q. One of the reasons he set up the double points this week is he wants to find guys with form. What have you found this week that's encouraging you with how you're playing right now?

JUSTIN ROSE: If I look back at Greensboro, I had a great chance to win there, as well. That's kind of what you want, or that's what I want, anyway. I want that consistency coming back and I feel like I'm beginning to play what feels like my natural game in a sense. I've gone back to what's easy for me and been working hard on my short putt. I saw that today. I made some great up-and-downs on the back nine there. So some of the work I've been putting in has been coming to fruition and sometimes you have to be patient with that. For me it's nice to get back on the leaderboard. It's nice to feel that little bit of flutter in the heart on Sunday and yeah, it's obviously, listen, whatever happens in the next hour now, I've given it a decent run for sure.

Q. We know what you've done as an individual and for Team Europe. Do you feel you've done enough to warrant a pick?

JUSTIN ROSE: I think it will be hard for him not to pick me but I had that opportunity with Monty, as well, and went a different way. Obviously Paul Casey was seventh in the world. Who knows what the bigger plan is, and if he has a bigger plan, 100 percent good luck to the boys and I'll be cheering as the rest of you will.

Q. You must be pleased with the round?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it's been obviously a great week. It's been a week where I've had to work hard and there's been a lot riding on the week as well, trying to play well in this tournament and win the tournament. Ryder Cup is coming down and it's all coming to a head. Yesterday's round, a little disappointing. Still felt like I had an opportunity to win. I set myself a very positive target of trying to play match play against the course, started six down and I tried to beat the golf course today. With that hot finish, I managed to win 1-up in my head.

I didn't know what the leaders were going to do today but I felt that might give me an outside chance and I played well enough to be two or three better than that today. The putter just let me down on occasion but very happy with how I played and more importantly how I went about it today.

Q. What was the motivation? Obviously you want to win the tournament and get that feeling of being in the winner's circle again but with the additional side of The Ryder Cup, what gave you motivation?

JUSTIN ROSE: I wanted to test myself under pressure and wanted to stand up with the toughest shots and have that mindset of trying to play the right golf shot, be 100 percent focused out there and not distracted by the outcomes and what ifs. I was pleased how I played the last two holes because they were birdie opportunities. I was probably, for me, how I stepped up and committed to those last couple of tee shots is what I'm most proud of in the day. There's enough riding on it where I had the butterflies and I could feel it. You know, when you haven't been playing that well, you don't get many opportunities to test yourself under a little bit of pressure, so it was good today.

Q. I believe Pádraig has been unusually quiet this week when it comes to discussing what he might do this evening. In your heart of hearts, given what you've done this week and today and if it's not an automatic selection, what do you feel your Ryder Cup looks like?

JUSTIN ROSE: Two or three weeks ago it looked fairly straightforward and Bernd played great and forced his way on the team and there's a scenario with Shane and Westy and that probably changes that dynamic, too. He's probably at the 11th hour, a lot to think about.

From my point of view, you can only blame yourself if you don't get in and don't get picked, because obviously I've never had a pick for The Ryder Cup. I've always played my way on to the team which is what the goal always is to do. If you leave it into someone else's hands, you know, we'll see, but if I don't get picked, good luck to the lads.

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