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September 11, 2021

Bernd Wiesberger

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. A lot going on this week, but 67, what was the secret to that?

BERND WIESBERGER: Patience, as I've done the first two rounds. I can see the back nine I've done pretty well and I wanted to get off to a better start than the first two rounds, but I didn't but bounced back. Just waited for my turn to kick start yesterday, made a long one on 10.

Q. With the obvious goal of what's coming up at Whistling Straits coming into this week, the slow starts that you referenced each and every day, what tools have you used to cope with the stress of that?

BERND WIESBERGER: You know, I'm aware of the direction this everybody wants, and simplest things, just focus on trying to win the golf tournament. You have to push forward and be positive in your approach over every single shot regardless of the outcome. Just be positive with that and I kind of feel like I'm good enough to be on the leaderboard and it's nice to be there as well and it's such a great event with the crowd and to be able to play here and just enjoy it.

Q. Your reflection on the second consecutive 67 to put you right in contention for this tournament.

BERND WIESBERGER: A copy of yesterday with a bogey to start but that's kind of almost what I expected myself to do on that first hole. But again, I hit really good shots to the next couple holes and picked up a few birdies and didn't feel like I needed to do any settling down but set the tone for the rest of the round and played more solid around the turn.

As yesterday, I holed a longer one around the turn again to kick start the round. Picked up the par 5s which was nice, so very solid work again.

Q. 3-over through six on day one, you showed some real quality since then, haven't you?

BERND WIESBERGER: Yeah, as I said, it's a marathon, not a sprint. So didn't get up to the best of starts, so nevertheless we hung in there, grinded it out, especially end of the first day to get under par. That was mentally important to knock that in on the last. It meant a lot at the end of the first round. Kind of set the tone for yesterday and today.

But again, I stayed patient waiting for my opportunities and played aggressive when I had an opportunity and smart when I was out of position. Everything feels really good and I enjoyed my time out there and really looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. How were you feeling on the first tee and did you feel a score was out there today?

BERND WIESBERGER: I felt good, yeah. I mean, I've played lots of golf with Martin and he's a great lad. I knew it was going to be a relaxed day. He's playing well, so I knew we were up for a good day for both of us. Felt right in my comfort zone out here and executed well as I said when I had the opportunity. So I felt like ways in control.

Q. Talk about the last?

BERND WIESBERGER: It was a safety club off the fairway to the green. My 3-iron is slightly stronger than my 4 so we played for the safe miss, just accepted having a chip back to the flag. I was pretty good around the greens pretty much all year, and yeah, I hit a really nice controlled chip shot up there and put a lot of swing on it. But definitely right way to finish off today.

Q. Clearly a big day for you tomorrow. How much are you looking forward to the challenge?

BERND WIESBERGER: Yeah, let's see where the leaders are at the end of the day. Going to be a couple behind but I think if I can put up another good round tomorrow, I can give him a scare and hopefully have an opportunity on the back nine tomorrow.

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