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September 9, 2021

Christiaan Bezuidenhout

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. You've been playing great lately. But it's a tough course, and you played in more difficult afternoon conditions. 64, one heck of a score. What were you thinking about on 16 tee before you made those three birdies in a row?

CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: Yeah, I mean, I was playing solid the whole day. I was driving it well the whole day. Obviously, putter going well. Had a nice chip-in on 4 which makes solid my round. But, yeah, three birdies in a row, back-to-back par-5s to finish off, which is tricky also.

I drove the ball lovely today, so I just kept it in play. Gave myself a chance, and the putter was good.

Q. I was standing right behind you when you were on 17 tee, and you hit the most beautiful high draw. Couldn't have drawn it up any better. What is your heart rate like when you're standing on 17 tee for that one?

CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: Probably about 150, I'd say. I need to -- difficult driving the hole. It's suited to draw up. I like to hit a draw off the tee and fade it behind. So it just suited my eye. So I just committed to a shot that came out great.

Q. You secured your card last week for the PGA TOUR next season, but you've really been playing solid every week. How much is today's round a product of all your good play through the summer and fall?

CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: Yeah, I mean, I just spoke to my coach last week, and I just said everything is there. Everything with my game feel better than a year ago, but I'm not getting the scores or the results and stuff. I just keep on doing the right things, keep on doing the same things that obviously been working over the last year and stuff.

So it's just a matter of staying patient out there. It's not always going to go well. You're going to go through a little bit of blips and bumps, things like that. But, yeah, I just stayed patient and lucky it's been paying off.

Q. You made the score today. Great round. Congratulations.


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