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September 6, 2021

Snoop Conner

Matt Corral

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ole Miss Rebels

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Press Conference

Ole Miss Rebels 43, Louisville Cardinals 24

Ole Miss Rebels 43, Louisville Cardinals 24

MATT CORRAL: I had my eyes in the wrong place, played wrong and I just tried to make a play out of it and it was just -- turned into third-and-long. Just those little things are what's going to come back to hurt us in a close game.

Q. Having a 26-point lead at the half, did it change the way you could approach the second half at all?

MATT CORRAL: No. Absolutely not. Every time we get the ball, our goal is to score.

Q. When you see the defense playing the way that it does, does that sort of inspire you guys? Does that light a certain flame under you guy?

MATT CORRAL: Are you referring to drop eight? Oh, our defense. Yeah, I mean, defense did a good job. Definitely improved from last season, and it's just like I said, on both sides of the ball, all three phases need to get better.

Q. Snoop had a great game but what does it mean that you can have three guys back there to carry the load?

MATT CORRAL: I think this guy is setting a great example for our team. When those depth charts came out he was fourth on the depth chart. He's fourth on the depth chart right now, and not a word came out of him. That guy was doing extra. He was in the film room. He was getting his footwork right. Getting the protection right. That guy was doing everything right and that's a definition. That's a winner. We need more of him on our team.

Q. What was the last thing that Coach Kiffen said to you before you took the field tonight and have you had a chance to talk to him postgame?

MATT CORRAL: No, not yet. I'll probably get on the phone with him as soon as I leave here.

Before the game, Saturday, after Fast Friday; the week was screwed up because of the Monday game, so we treated that like a Saturday.

But I had to stay like six feet away from him. He was in his car and he was telling me, "Just take what they give you and don't be surprised." We planned on taking a shot the first play of the game, and he says, "Don't be surprised if it's not there. Just take what they give you. You don't need to force anything." If this game isn't a lot to a little, you know, don't be surprised by that, either. Keep playing the game independent of other.

Q. Dontario finished with nine catches for 197 yards and a touchdown. How is he able to do what he does?

MATT CORRAL: He's smart. He's working the tight end spot. He's working in the slot and that does a lot for us. We can use him and go in fast tempo and get him wherever we want him because he can go out there and execute.

Q. Snoop felt like you broke the rushing game open in the second quarter, what was work for you?

SNOOP CONNER: Was trusting my keys and staying true to my detail and that will help me run the ball well.

Q. Running that guy into the end zone, was that as good as a run has felt for you?

SNOOP CONNER: I'm used to it.

Q. For both players, what does it feel like to play in a venue like Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the goal is to win the west and to get back here in December what is one thing you know you guys can do better by the time the opportunity presents itself?

MATT CORRAL: It's a blessing, first off, to be playing in this environment, I've never been to Atlanta, let alone be in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, so that's unreal.

But it's never about the competition. It's always about what we're doing in that building over there in Mississippi. You know, we always -- Lebby always preaches about stop worrying about the competition, it doesn't matter how good their defense is on paper. It doesn't matter what they are ranked.

It's all about how well can we execute each play independent of the other, independent of the last, and being able to take it step-by-step without letting last one affect you, and I think we've doing a good job of that.

SNOOP CONNER: For me it was pretty cool playing here. I definitely want to come back here in December and play in the ACC Championship. It was a pretty good environment.

Q. Matt brought it up, when the depth chart did come out, you were fourth on there. Is that something that motivates you? Is that something that you even think about?

SNOOP CONNER: I have to control what I can control and put my head down and keep going. I know the work I put in, it will come out in the back end, and I'll have a good, what I can say, a good end to it. So I know he's pretty good.

Q. I know you said some things got to get better and some improvement still to be made but anything in the off-season you were focused on improving that you thought showed up in your game tonight?

MATT CORRAL: Absolutely. Just the leadership, not only for myself but the entire team. We finished the game. We didn't let up. That was the main focus from last season to this season, the second quarter at the half, it was a completely different game because we let up and we just let them back in the game. Finishing was definitely a strong point of emphasis.

Q. Looking forward, this is a great venue, but how much are you looking forward to getting back to the Vaught and seeing fans back in the stands, a full stadium?

MATT CORRAL: Definitely looking forward to the Walk of Champions. Haven't done that, feel like in forever. Being back in that environment, our home, wouldn't want anything more.

SNOOP CONNER: The night game, that's one of the best atmosphere ever at Ole Miss and it's going to be 100 percent capacity and I know our fans are going to show up and show out, so I'm ready.

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