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September 5, 2021

Mel Reid

Leona Maguire

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Inverness Club

Team Europe

Quick Quotes

Q. Mel, you guys didn't know each other too well I understand coming into this week. Is this the start of a budding friendship the way you're playing together?

MEL REID: I'm pretty sure she's going to put her name down for practice rounds with me most weeks now.

No, I said by the end of the week I just want her to like me a little bit, and she said she's starting to like me a little bit more the more we win.

I mean, she's a fantastic player. My role was to kind of make her feel comfortable as someone who's been on a few Solheim Cups, and just very, very impressed with her honestly. That grit and determination is second to none, and yeah, I mean, it's been an honor honestly playing with her the last few days.

Q. You both have such an almost look of intimidation while you're out there competing. Does your confidence in each other grow throughout the couple of days?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Yeah, absolutely. Like Mel said, I think it was a pairing neither of us saw coming, but the captains obviously saw something in us that we didn't see in ourselves, and I think we're both fearless on the golf course, which is something you need to be in those matches, especially given the pairings we were up against. I mean, Nelly and Jessica yesterday Nelly and Ally today, world-class players, and we really had to be on our "A" game to come out with a point.

Q. That was an incredible victory, ladies. I loved that show of emotion over that putt. What did that mean to you?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Yeah, we played great all day and it was great to finish it off on style and not have to go down another one. Mel holed a lot of clutch putts today, so it was my turn to finish it off in style.

Q. Mel, how was it to play alongside Leona? She's been incredible all Solheim. What has the dynamic been?

MEL REID: Yeah, I mentioned yesterday we hadn't really spent -- well, I don't think we spoke to each other at all really before this week. I actually said to her, you know, she might actually like me by the end of the week, and the more we keep winning maybe she will, a bit quicker than I expected.

She's such an impressive player, and for me to take that role to take her out as a rookie and for her to play the way she did just incredibly proud of her. You're starting to like me a little bit, aren't you?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Just a little bit.

MEL REID: Just a little bit. Yeah, I mean, she is just impressive. You know, to take down Nelly twice is obviously a big ask and the way we did it, I'm just really proud we put some points on the board.

Q. In terms of the way the course is playing, how different, if at all, was the strategy out there today compared to yesterday?

MEL REID: I mean, it was playing a little different, but with foursomes you've just got to try to make as little mistakes as possible.

I'll take the full responsibility for 6 where we messed up a little bit; I didn't hit two very good shots there, which we lost a hole.

But other than that, we really played birdies and pars, and that's all you've got to do in foursomes; you've just got to try and make them win the hole. That's exactly what we did today, and we just played very, very solid.

I think we played better today than we did yesterday, and we knew we were going to have to do that against two caliber of players like them two.

Q. Three matches, three points; how pleased are you?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Yeah, I couldn't have asked for a better start to my Solheim career. Very fortunate to have had two great partners the last two days as well, and Mel made me feel so comfortable out there, let me go do my thing, and yeah, it just worked really well.

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