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September 7, 1993

Cedric Pioline


Q. You look happy.

CEDRIC PIOLINE: What can I say? I mean, I played I played on center court against No. 1 seed. I beat him. I just happy.

Q. Do you think your Federation, the French Federation will be happier with you now?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: The French Federation?

Q. Yes.

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I don't know. I hope so, but I am not working with the French Federation, so I think my coach will be very happy.

Q. Why do you think you beat him today that you were never able to do before. Did you play better than you ever played in your life?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I think I didn't play better today. I was just more consistent and I played very good on the important points, the key points. I served very well and -- on the breakpoint I did some good shots, so I didn't play a lot better than him today, but more on the important point, that is the difference.

Q. Are you surprised that he made that many mistakes and errors?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Yes, I keep the pressure on him. He make some mistakes that maybe he is not making everyday, but I think it is because of the pressure.

Q. Was that the best match you ever played?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: It is one of the best. I mean, because I played very well from the beginning 'till then and it is -- that is why I am happy because I could play very good, but, you know, only one set, few games, and after my level is going down. So that is why I am happy today.

Q. When you won the -- when he won the second set tiebreaker when you made many errors, were you afraid that you would let him back in the match at that point?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: A little bit. But I mean after, at the beginning of the third set, I felt he was a little bit tired and he made -- he start to make some easy mistake and it is -- it gave me confidence. After I just played and -- I just played.

Q. Did you expect to finish the match in four sets?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I didn't about that. I just tried to play it point by point to see the next point and don't think about beyond five sets, four sets, beat Jim Courier just --

Q. Did you have a particular plan it looked like you were running him around a lot? Was that the idea or did you have a particular way you wanted to play him?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Yeah, I was thinking about this with my coach because I played a couple of times against him before and so I know very well his game, so I could have a tactic.

Q. What have you done lately for your game to get all together, more consistent?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I mean, it is a long work. I mean, from you know, a lot of months ago we start to work this with my coach and he just -- just to believe more in my game and believe I can beat best player in the best tournament and only confidence, you know.

Q. Prior to this, what has been your biggest win, before this?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I think it was in Monte Carlo this year when I was in the final. I beat Edberg in the semis, and even though it was not his best surface, it was a very good win for me.

Q. You said before he looked tired there in the third set. Were you surprised about that? He is always regarded as the most fit player on the tour.

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Yeah, I mean, I worked also a lot my physical, so I know I have now maybe one of the best also.

Q. How far do you think you can go? Do you think you can win the tournament?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Good question. We will see on Sunday.

Q. What was going through your mind when you were serving for the match?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I was very nervous, but, you know, I made the first point with a good shot, with a good forehand down the line. Then I made a second point volley, he missed a passing shot not so difficult. After it was -- I was confident. It is always the two first points difficult to win.

Q. A lot of players have complained about the tournament, the noise, the crowds, New York, how have you adjusted? Do you like it?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: That is true. It is not easy. It is not good food. It is not nice, but it is the same thing for everybody, so the tournament is like this, I hope it is going to be better the next years, but I have to do with this, and, I mean, I just play my tennis.

RICHARD FINN: In the back.

Q. Krajicek or Medvedev, who do you prefer?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I don't care.

Q. Were there any differences that you saw in Courier's game today compared to the Courier you have seen in the past?


Q. How -- how did the way Courier played today differ from the Courier you have seen previously?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I mean, not so different. I was very consistent today and he played -- I think he played good. He made some mistake because I played very good. That is it.

Q. Is it because you were not expected to win, did that allow you to take more risks today?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: It is true. I didn't expect to win, but I didn't think about to win or lose; just I tried to just play my game and I know I am a -- I am in good shape this week, so we will see what happens after. I mean, it can happen, anything.

Q. Can you talk about the problems you had with the French Federation, not making Davis Cup and how has that affected your tennis?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: With the French Federation?

Q. Yes.

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I mean there is no problem. For me, I just ask some special thing about Davis Cup and just to have my coach, coaches, physical on tennis during the Davis Cup and they didn't accept, so now the two -- they took the decision, so I just -- now I just play my tournaments and I don't think about this. Davis Cup is over for this year, so we will see for the next year.

Q. On the final shot where you put him away, the ball was up then you slammed it away to him. Can you describe what it feels like exactly to beat the No. 1 player? Right at that moment what was that like?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: It is -- I was happy, but, you know, I didn't win the tournament, so I beat -- it is true I beat a very good player, the best player at the moment, but now I am happy and I am thinking about, maybe the next round.

Q. Cedric, so far you have been able to go through this tournament pretty quietly because not many people know who you are. That is all about to change?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Can you speak faster?

Q. Thanks a lot.

RICHARD FINN: She is from New York.

Q. Thanks. I am going to get reamed the rest of the day. So far, you have been fairly quiet, you are not very well known. That is about to change. Are you prepared to deal with all of the attention; and how will that affect your play in the next couple of rounds?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I don't think I am going to change anything. I just maybe for the next round I am going to play my tennis; don't think about I beat Courier; just think about my round and play point by point and we will see what happens.

Q. Who is going to be the first person you call to tell them about this match?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I think first maybe, I don't know, I have to toss between my coach and my parents.

Q. Cedric, a lot of the crowd seemed to be rooting for you even though he is an American. Did that surprise you? Did you feel good about that?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Yeah, I mean in the United States, I like the crowd because they enjoy the good tennis; when it is nice point and whatever it is an American or Frenchman, it is no difference and they clap for me.

Q. If this had happened in Roland Garros, it would have been different?


Q. Where is your coach?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: He left yesterday.

Q. Why?

RICHARD FINN: Where did he go?


Q. Why did he leave?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Because he get another job, so he have to come back.

Q. Wait. He got another job but he is working with you and somebody else?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: No, for -- I don't know, for society.

Q. He is working for a company. He is a consultant. He trains people who works for companies.

Q. Out of tennis?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Different job.

Q. If you advance, if you make the final, will he come back later in the week?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Maybe. I mean, it is long way, but long way for the final and long way from Paris, so I don't know.

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about this mystery coach; who is he?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Mr. Dumont, the ghost.

Q. What is his first name?


Q. Has he been coaching you for a while?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Yeah, we worked together for four years and -- four years.

Q. Cedric, can you tell us little bit about this mystery guy, Cedric Pioline; what do you like to do besides tennis?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I don't know, tell me.

Q. In your bio it says just movies and reading. What do you like to read? What do you do with your spare time?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I spend a lot of time with the tennis. After I travel with my almost wife and I am thinking about my son Andrei and...

Q. How old?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: He is six months -- five months, so I mean, with tennis and the wife and baby, it is a lot of work. It is enough.

Q. Are they with you here?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Only my wife. Not the baby.

Q. Did you come from a tennis playing family?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: No. Not really. My mother and my father was playing volleyball; not tennis.

Q. How did you start playing tennis?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Because they was playing volleyball in the big club in France and the first activity was the tennis, so I start with my girlfriend because they was playing tennis so I was playing tennis with them.

Q. How old were you when you started playing?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I don't know, six years old.

Q. How old were you when you started playing competitive tennis?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I start lately, about 16, 17 years old.

Q. Is it true that you thought about playing for Rumania in Davis Cup?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: It is a joke from Ion Tiriac.

Q. You never were part of the French junior program?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: No. Never because I start lately and I never want to work with the French Federation and that is it.

Q. Is that a Jim Courier shirt you are wearing?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: No. It is mine.

Q. Cedric, do you think you deserve a raise from Nike now?

CEDRIC PIOLINE: I deserve-- what does it mean?

RICHARD FINN: More money.

CEDRIC PIOLINE: Maybe. I don't know.

End of FastScripts....

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