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September 4, 2021

Pat Hurst

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Inverness Club

Team USA

First Tee TV Quick Quotes

Q. All four matches went to the 18th hole. Didn't work out in your favor; what did you tell your team to keep them encouraged going into the afternoon?

PAT HURST: You know, we haven't really talked about it. We'll talk about it tonight, but they all played great. Like you said, it went to 18, and it could have went either way. We've got to keep our heads up and get the job done this afternoon.

Q. If just sitting here on the first tee doesn't give you chills, maybe your heart is not quite working properly. How important and vital is this support to your team this afternoon?

PAT HURST: Anytime you can have that 13th man on your side, you can hear the cheers out there, the more cheering we hear, we know the better we're playing, so we want to hear as much as we can out there.

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