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July 23, 1998

Bruce Summerhays


LES UNGER: Fifth gentleman of the day to shoot that magical number, 71, Bruce Summerhayes. As we were just looking, this was the day for some terrific putting.

BRUCE SUMMERHAYES: Well, it wasn't so much the putting. I guess I only hit nine greens but most of my greens, when I missed them, were where I can putt them. They weren't really that far off the green, they were just in the fringe. So, you know, it wasn't -- that is a little misleading, I think.

LES UNGER: But there -- was there nine 1-putts.

BRUCE SUMMERHAYES: Nine 1-putts and one 3-putt. Of course when you are 90 feet from the hole you are not going to 3-putt that a lot. It was a case of not getting skunked with birdies today. Birdied the last two holes from twelve feet both times. That was great. Every time I got the ball in my hand, teed it up a ways, looking at a bogey. I finally hit a green on par 3 -- which hole was that? No. 6 finally hit a green; had to chip it over the bunker (laughs) I couldn't putt it. I think that was my first green hit.

Q. Par that one?

BRUCE SUMMERHAYES: No, bogeyed that one. I bogeyed another par 3. Got the ball in my hand again, teed it up and couldn't find as good a lie as I wanted. Made another bogey on 14. That was a 90-footer. I just pulled it left.

Q. Both your bogeys were on par 3s?


LES UNGER: What were the conditions like this afternoon?

BRUCE SUMMERHAYES: Well, the conditions were -- I mean, the golf course is in great shape. I love the greens. The greens are wonderful. Wind was kind of tricky. Of course, if you hit it in the rough, forget it. Chi Chi had one of the worst -- had the worst lie I have ever seen in a Championship out there on that one hole. It was just -- but that is -- we all know that that can happen in that kikuyu.

Q. 6th green still wonderful after --

BRUCE SUMMERHAYES: I took a little bit of a divot, they came right behind me and plugged it. Fixed it right up. I really didn't want to do that, but I had no other choice. I had a little bunker shot out of the green, so we took just a tiny little one off of there. One thing I did there, which was interesting, we forget sometimes what is going on. I got a wedge in my hand. I am on the green. And I left the pin in. That was not a good thing to do. I almost hit that pin. I hit a real good shot and almost hit the pin which would have cost me. But, it is funny, if -- I have never been in that situation before where I have had to pitch it, when I have been on the green, so it just took me by surprise. And, so I was fortunate I didn't hit the pin. I got the same score if I had holed it. So it wouldn't have mattered. (laughs).

Q. The previous four guys who shot even par today all seem to be pretty happy with their rounds. Are you in the same boat?

BRUCE SUMMERHAYES: Well, I really am. I think -- we all know what this golf course is like after a few practice rounds, and it is just one of those golf tournaments where you are going to have to be as patient as you can be and just let things happen and forget about -- you know, you are going to make some bogeys, and just let them come. When they come, you just let them come. Hopefully, you will make a few birdies. I was able to only make two bogeys today and two birdies.

Q. Now that you have played the first round and have come up with a 71, how do you feel your prospects are for actually winning this tournament?

BRUCE SUMMERHAYES: Well, we have got a long, long ways to go. If you ask me that after the third round, I will let you know if I am right up there at the top. Then -- but I am in the hunt. Definitely right there with even par. I mean, that is -- that is a wonderful score. I think -- maybe we are setting our sights just a little too low. I think all of us would have been real happy with even par. And maybe that is why nobody has gone under par is we are going to be really happy with even par. But you have to be -- look at what has won the regular U.S. Open this year, the British Open and so on, I mean it has just been -- it is wonderful to see that happened, it really is. We know what to expect in these championships. So, around par is going to be good again this year.

Q. Can you talk a little bit more about the rough, just how unique it is here?

BRUCE SUMMERHAYES: Well, it is unique because it is called kikuyu and you can either get what we call a real nice break and be on top of it, or just a horrible thing. The corkscrew's right down in there and Chi Chi is the best short game -- one of the best short-game players in the world and I mean, when he can't get it up-and-down out of there, you know it is really rough. But kikuyu is different. When it gets as long as it is, and I don't know how long it is, it is about -- it is close -- got to be at least six inches in places, not all over, but in places, it is six inches. It just --

Q. Kikuyu, have you played that before?

BRUCE SUMMERHAYES: Yes, I have spent a lot time in northern California, I was at the Olympic Club and down in Stanford and played a lot at Pebble Beach where they have a lot of kikuyu and things, but not at this length, no. I have never played Riviera before this week which is unusual. And I thought coming to an old style golf course I would be able to pitch-and-run it, hit the front -- well, hit short, bump-and-run it in. Can't do that either with zoysiagrass fairways. So it is a matter of being able to hit it right on the front, just like the last hole. Five yards on the front, let it run up to the back edge and make a putt.

Q. LES UNGER: Would you take another 71 tomorrow?

BRUCE SUMMERHAYES: Yes, after seeing what it is, you know, I am grateful to be teeing off at 8:30 in the morning which is going to be nice. I love the morning time and hopefully we will put up another 71 up there and let everybody else the rest of the day shoot at it.

LES UNGER: See you about noon or so tomorrow.


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