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August 27, 2021

Hannah Darling

Annabell Fuller

Conwy, Wales, UK

Quick Quotes

Q. Another point on the board for GB&I, you've done it together as well. Hannah, it must be really satisfying to get it done so comfortable in the end. It didn't seem to be that way earlier.

HANNAH DARLING: Yeah, definitely. We both played some good golf. Very clutch when we needed to be and didn't hole as many putts as we would have liked, but we didn't really need to in the end. But, yeah, it's just so great being here and I really think that this whole tournament brings out the best in us, so it's nice.

Q. The partnership seems to be getting stronger, that's two points from two.

ANNABELL FULLER: Yeah, I would like to say -- we call ourself the dream team (laughing).

HANNAH DARLING: Do we? (Laughing).

ANNABELL FULLER: No, Hannah's golf is really, really good, obviously, and I would like to say I am fairly consistent, so kind of, I just kind of hit it down there and then she sticks it in close and I think we kind of vibe off each other really well, we kind of keep it going and like when we start playing well we just, like it's kind of was birdie bouncing, more birdie putts bouncing at least, if anything. And then I think we keep the pressure on the whole time and that's kind of what happened today and then we just kind of excelled toward the end.

Q. You guys put team GB&I back in front after that was just shortly leveled up momentarily at 5-all there. So you go in front, so you're guaranteed to be at least level going into tomorrow. What will that leave the mindset going into the singles tomorrow?

HANNAH DARLING: The thought is going to be, I mean, we know we need to go out tomorrow and perform well and win. I mean, that's, I guess, the only kind of option tomorrow, I guess, we need to win. And, I mean, I have full confidence in the team. We're all playing well, we just need to go out there tomorrow and just believe that we can do it.

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