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August 26, 2021

Lauren Walsh

Conwy, Wales, UK

Quick Quotes

Q. You secured another point for the team, how do you feel that went?

LAUREN WALSH: Yeah, I know, it was brilliant. We played really solid from the very beginning and obviously it was my first match of the week so I was just excited to get out there and play some golf. And we got off to a good start and we made a couple solid pars to start us off. And then I think it was, we made birdie on 7 and that kind of started a run. I hit a couple in close then and Caley knocked in some putts. And it was just, yeah, we made a couple birdies then and it was good to get off to 3-up and, yeah, no, it was brilliant.

Q. You mentioned the 3-up, you seemed like you were in control all the way. Was it just a case of keeping it close and trying to see it out in the end?

LAUREN WALSH: Yeah, like we played, we got to 3-up and we played really solid and then Jensen and Gina, they're both really good players, and we knew they were going to try and come back at us and they did, they made two really nice birdies. And me and Caley just really stayed calm and kept our composure. And I said to Caley when we were walking up to 17 tee, I said, Look, we could have just won the last hole to go 1-up, and we tried to kind of frame it like in a positive way and I think that helped us down 17, we gave ourselves two good looks at birdie and, yeah, got the job done. So very excited and happy to put a point up on the board for the team.

Q. How did you enjoy playing with Caley? Do you think your games complemented each other out there?

LAUREN WALSH: Yeah, we have very similar like personalities and golf games too. So we work really well as a team and we really enjoyed ourselves out there. And, yeah, we make a really good pair and we got to practice a little bit a couple weeks ago when we were here and, yeah, I think coming into the week we knew we would partner at some stage and, yeah, we worked well together and Elaine knew that. It was great, we're good friends and it's nice to play with a friend.

Q. What does that do for confidence and momentum going into tomorrow?

LAUREN WALSH: Yeah, I think like the entire team has played so well and so that's obviously a huge confidence boost. And there's still so much golf to play, so like nobody can get ahead of themselves. There will be a good atmosphere in the team room tonight and we'll all reset and be ready to go again in the morning.

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