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August 26, 2021

Hannah Darling

Conwy, Wales, UK

Quick Quotes

Q. You and Annabel, 1-up victory, winning it on the last. Sum you up your emotions.

HANNAH DARLING: Yeah, it's brilliant. Obviously really pumped. Me and Annabell played really solid out there today and holed putts when we needed to. Had a few momentum changes out there, but obviously really happy to get it done on the last. And I couldn't let her have all the fun, so, yeah, nice to birdie the last as well.

Q. You mentioned that birdie, what was going through your head, you seeing that one head towards the hole knowing it could have been what it was, the winning putt, obviously.

HANNAH DARLING: Yeah, definitely. I mean, I hit a really good putt. I said to Annabell, I got this. And I really believed it. And obviously Rachel had an opportunity to win for them, I guess, and had then the opportunity to halve, but it's just an example of putting the pressure on when you need to and it worked.

Q. So you were involved in two real battles today, obviously good to get the win on the second game. Do you feel like you got the best out of each other, the four of you in the four-ball game?

HANNAH DARLING: Yeah, definitely. Four-ball's all about making birdies. If you're making bogeys you're really struggling. And we did that today, I think we were something like 6-under in total. And, yeah, I think, yeah, you just see people playing good shots and it inspires you to be better. Which, the two we played today, they're both really good players and we have a lot of respect for them as well, so, yeah, it's nice and nice to know that you have to go play well.

Q. What was it like getting to play with your good friend Annabell as well?

HANNAH DARLING: Yeah, it was good. Me and Annabell are good friends as you said and we played at Junior Solheim two years ago and played against Rachel and we lost on the last, so I felt like it was our time to get revenge and I said it that to Annabell coming down the last. But, yeah, we're really good friends and it's just nice to spend that time out there on the course and make memories with her as well.

Q. Another point on the board for the team, how much confidence does that give you and the group now going into tomorrow?

HANNAH DARLING: It gives us huge confidence. Obviously we still need to go and just follow-up it tomorrow and it's not over until the end, I guess. But, yeah, it really helps and it gives us more momentum going into tomorrow which is always nice.

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