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July 10, 1999

Bruce Summerhays


LES UNGER: Bruce, a solid 70, 3-under. From the sound of the other reports, 4-under is about the best. This has got a totally different slant on it now than earlier today.

BRUCE SUMMERHAYS: Well, it really does. If Ed finishes 4-under, or whatever he finishes, if he stays in that category, then I don't think -- I don't think my mindset is going to change at all, because you are still going to have to be aggressive on the holes you can be aggressive on and yet still patient and hit the proper shots that are required for the holes. I hit away from the holes several times today knowing that it just won't work if I hit it at it. If I was in the rough or whatever, I hit well away from it and got my par and went on. When I got a wedge in my hand, then I tried to stick it with the wedge, which I had wedge in my hand a lot today. On the front side, it was different. The wind was totally different on the front side. And the par 5s, for me, were reachable. And so that is what happened. I got aggressive on the par 5s, hit good drives, and knocked it on both par 5 greens; made a couple of easy birdies. So I don't know. Hopefully, you know, that is the mindset I am going to carry. I will be aggressive, but when I can be. Because I'd rather try to make that putt from 40 feet, and these greens are good enough to do so-if you don't have for breaks on it. If you just have the one break, you might make a 40-footer. That is probably -- that is going to be it for me tomorrow, but I am an aggressive player. I have always been aggressive and I will do it. But in an Open you guys know, aggressive sometimes means bogey or double-bogey, so you have to be -- you have to choose your spots.

LES UNGER: Would you please take us through those holes that are birdies or the others.

BRUCE SUMMERHAYS: Birdies and others. First hole hit driver and pushed it off to the right; hit it in the rough. Pitched it over the hole about 30 feet, made a real curler down the hill. I hit a little L-wedge in there. I think I only had like 50 -- no, 30 yards, 35 yards to the hole. And hit L-wedge about 30 feet behind and canned this putt. It was a honey. Hit it in the rough, second hole, couldn't get it on the green and chipped it up and 2-putted for bogey. My next birdie came on 4 where I hit driver, 3-iron to the back of the green. That was one of those triple-breakers came down; I had to make about a 10-footer for birdie which I did. My next birdie came on 7. I hit a nice fairway wood down there where I had 105 to the hole and I spun it back to about two feet off the hill. That is where you can get aggressive because the hill was behind the hole. You could spin it right back at it. Wind was into you there. Made birdie there. Then on 9 I hit a good drive that went on the up-slope a little bit, down in that hole on the up-slope and I hit my fairway wood on the green about 40 feet to the right of the hole and 2-putted from there. Then I made bogey on 10. This was unfortunate. Hit the ball so far down there on 10 that I wasn't used to it. I didn't know -- we took a yardage from down there; it was wrong. It was off by 11 yards. I hit it over the green and pitched up and I didn't have all that difficult a putt, but missed that for bogey. That sort of took me back a little bit. Then I did not hit a good drive on the next hole. 11 was playing -- if you hit a good drive there you could have hit 4-iron into the hole. It was playing right-to-left wind, sort of with you and if you hit a good drive you could have hit 4-iron there. Made par on that hole; which was disturbing. Then hit it in the rough again on 12. Had a good lie but hit a bad shot on 12, pitched it up; made bogey. Then I held it together. Par-par-par-par-par 'til I came to 17 where I hit 5-iron just short of the green on the right side and made it from 30 feet from there with the putter. Then played 18 nicely, just missed the putt. So those are the birdies and the bogeys.

LES UNGER: Is there a comfort zone that comes from playing this course now, perhaps your fifth or sixth time?

BRUCE SUMMERHAYS: I think so. I think the comfort -- it is coming a little bit better because we have seen it now under all the conditions, all the wind conditions and things and tomorrow there probably won't be what we call any surprises. We will know -- whatever it does we will know basically what to do as far as the wind is concerned and how the hole is going to play. No. 1 was so different today with that wind coming in there you just -- you knew basically what you had to do is hit it out to the left there, especially with that pin cut over on the right side, but anyway, there won't be any surprises so everybody should have a good day tomorrow that way.

LES UNGER: Questions.

BRUCE SUMMERHAYS: Any questions? It is fun to be in the hunt. We will give it a go tomorrow; see what happens. We want to have the tee ball hot and we will let the putter go by itself. It might roll in there. We hit the tee ball in the fairway, 75% of the time tomorrow, watch out.

LES UNGER: Good luck, Bruce, thank you very much.

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