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August 23, 2021

Keith Mitchell

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Liberty National Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. When you stood on 16, did you have a feeling of what you needed to do to advance to BMW?

KEITH MITCHELL: We figured 13, I had a really good chance at getting in. At 12, I have to get lucky. Really the tee shot, really I got up and down from probably 65 yards or so on 15 after hitting a poor drive and bogeying 14.

So I was pretty down on myself in the middle of 15 football and to be standing here getting up and down on 15 for par and then birdieing the last three holes to play next week, it took a lot of, I guess just calming my nerves and trying to remember that this is it, I've got three holes left to keep playing or I'm going home. I just decided to stick with it and really that put on 18 just sealed the deal.

Q. Can you compare that pressure to when you came down the stretch at the Honda? Is it comparable or is it something a little different?

KEITH MITCHELL: It's definitely comparable in terms of the care level because I don't have a chance to play next week. Usually there's always next week, there's always next week. Well, there is no next week if I don't birdie those last three holes. It's very similar. I wish I was standing here holding a trophy and not excited about finishing eight after not playing great, but just to finish that way, it's pretty similar.

Q. What does that say about your game and your confidence that you can step up and do that when you need to?

KEITH MITCHELL: You know, I don't -- I wish I knew the answer. I just love competing. I love playing golf. I love being out here and I reminded myself, two days playing in the last group with Justin Thomas, these are the nerves that you want. These are the kind of moments that you practice and play for.

That's kind of the attitude I had this week, and coming down the stretch with three birdies is the same kind of thing where you just really are just enjoying being out here and enjoying competing and trying to do your best.

Q. Did that closing stretch propel you, especially with the quick turnaround?

KEITH MITCHELL: Yeah, my game has felt great all week. This is one of the toughest fields all year, and to finish Top-10 here is obviously a pat-myself-on-the-back kind of week.

Q. How will you celebrate with the quick turnaround?

KEITH MITCHELL: Driving to Baltimore in my BMW.

Q. Could you just take me through your emotions when that final birdie dropped and what you were thinking?

KEITH MITCHELL: I figured it was a good. One ball went in; I figured there was a really good chance that I was going to get in. We knew 13 was probably going to be close but the odds were in my favor. So when that putt dropped, I was super excited and just kind of looked around to find some media official, and the stats guys to figure out if it was good enough. I figured it was, and it looks like it is.

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