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August 22, 2021

Lizette Salas

Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland, UK

Quick Quotes

Q. You put in a fight today, I know you had a lot on your mind but overall how do you take this major championship?

LIZETTE SALAS: It's definitely my favourite championship. Just the history, the prestige. You know, I came up short two years ago and I fought all week and what people don't know is that I really wanted to withdraw this week. I was so mentally exhausted.

I wasn't even -- I almost threw in the towel and to put up a fight for four days, and to throw in a new putter in the bag and to put myself in that position, I just have to put things in perspective. I changed my attitude from Sunday of last week to Wednesday, I changed it, and here we are. I came up just a little short again but pretty proud of myself and how I fought, especially coming down the stretch with those up-and-downs.

So all I could say is that I'm pretty proud of what I did.

Q. When you look back on that decision to play this week --

LIZETTE SALAS: I was going to play for sure but the thought of not came into my brain because I had never been so mentally exhausted before. This is my sixth week on the road. I guess I learned that I can push myself and I could contend at a major and put myself in position.

Yeah, still one of the shorter hitters on Tour, but I can still compete. I just hope I can continue this play in two weeks at the Solheim Cup.

Q. In the last major, where you also contended, as well, something about just you overcoming any kind of mental adversity, I feel like is the story of Lizette Salas, which is a good one, if you're coming out with finishes like this.

LIZETTE SALAS: I guess I'm just a grinder. I'm a fighter. I know nothing is ever going to be handed to me. I don't want to get motional again, but this was a whole new -- this was a different test of mental toughness and yeah, the experience.

KPMG just really boosted my confidence, and here just going through everything, the elements, the weather, just having done so well, I think I've just proven to myself again that I could play and that all I could go is up from here. So I'm really pleased and I'm ready to go home.

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