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August 22, 2021

Louise Duncan

Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland, UK

Press Conference

Q. Well played and indeed for the entire week, how proud are you of the way you've had played and handled the situation.

LOUISE DUNCAN: I thought I handled it very well. I thought I would crumble a wee bit but seemed to hold my nerve out there and played well the last day which is ultimately my goal. To have the fans behind me, it's been great.

Q. You said that you really wanted to try and enjoy Sunday. Did you enjoy the whole experience?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, except for the bogeys. Didn't enjoy them. But other than that it was great to try and chase down the leaders and maybe try to win myself a major, but it's probably not going to happen. But felt like I played well and I'm really glad I held my own out there.

Q. How much does this give you confidence-wise moving forward?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Gives me a big confidence boost. I'll take this into my next few events and into next year, as well.

Q. How instrumental were the fans?

LOUISE DUNCAN: They were definitely out there. It was great. It was great to hear them out there and to hear the noise after basically every single shot. It was great. I can't thank them enough.

Q. Sum up the whole day, how you did, and the emotions.

LOUISE DUNCAN: I feel a bit mind blown as if it's not actually happened yet. So maybe take a couple weeks to sink in. Feel over the moon with how I played and how I handled it. Had a great time, and yeah, really happy with how I played the past four days.

Q. Great start with the birdie. Did you dare to dream? What's the mindset?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Well it was a great start with a birdie. I wasn't expecting that. I left a future out there to be honest. I felt like I was rolling my putts pretty well. Just unfortunately not many went in, but that's golf, isn't it.

I don't know what the expectation was but it's definitely been exceeded. Couldn't have wrote the week any better.

Q. All four days you played well --

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, I'm glad it's not a fluke. I played well all four days. I made some mistakes out there probably but everyone does, and I think I'll come back better pain.

Q. Must give you a huge confidence boost?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, definitely I'll take this into the next few events, as I said, and see whatever comes my way.

Q. Does this change your mind about the future and what lies ahead?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Potentially. I'm not entirely sure what's going to happen over the next year, year and a half or whatever. Still got a couple years left at uni, and I the amount of time I've been at uni, I think I need a degree out of it. Coming off like six years or something stupid like that. So I mean, I'll see. I don't really know what the plan is. Maybe have to sit down and have a wee think about it.

Q. Curtis Cup coming up, but will things feel flat?

LOUISE DUNCAN: I don't think so. There will be fans down there and hopefully they are all rooting for us. I think the team environment will be something different from this week. But something good.

Q. In addition to your performance, Laura made the cut and Annabel made the cut, three out of the eight players. Take huge confidence into next week?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, and they played outstanding, as well. To have three people make The Open cut, one of the biggest events of the years in the professional ranks, serves us well going into the Curtis Cup.

Q. How would you describe this week?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Outstanding. Pretty surreal and yeah, just dead exciting.

Q. Was there any one moment this week that stands out in your mind?

LOUISE DUNCAN: There's been a few. The 18th there. Just the crowd cheering. It was great. And really appreciated the support.

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