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August 22, 2021

Lauren Walsh

Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland, UK

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Good finish, you must be pretty pleased to shoot under par this morning.

LAUREN WALSH: Yeah, finishing with 2-under is obviously nice. I hit it really good out there. Made a lot of fairways and a lot of greens and gave myself a lot of really nice chances, and yeah, probably didn't -- I had a couple lipouts out there today but overall, shooting in under par around Carnoustie is good and happy to finish under par for the week is kind of a nice end for the great week it's been.

THE MODERATOR: Any particular highlights of the round today?

LAUREN WALSH: I think I three-putted the first for bogey and, then I bounced back straightaway on the second hole with a birdie and I hit a 6-iron from about 180 into, I think it was six feet on the second. So I think that kind of setup my speed for the day and I followed up with another birdie on 4.

So it was nice to get under par early and try and build on that as the round went on. I think that's probably what I didn't do early on in the week, so it was nice to do that today and finished strong.

THE MODERATOR: I guess you have to hang around for The Smyth Salver and see what Louise does; I take it you'll be here this afternoon?

LAUREN WALSH: Yeah, Louise has played unbelievable all week. I hope she goes out and plays well all day. I'll be rooting for her. Yeah, all the best to lieu eyes and it's been great week for the amateurs. We have great form going into the Curtis Cup next week, and it's really exciting.

THE MODERATOR: What's the main thing you take from this week, the experiences you've had?

LAUREN WALSH: Just the whole setup and like dealing with like the nerves and dealing with the pressure and all the different emotions that come along side with even like playing well today and trying to deal with like trying to get one better. That experience, and even with the cameras, the crowds out there, yeah, that's all experience for me and I think that's a big take away and something that hopefully I'll be doing a lot more of in the future, so yeah.

THE MODERATOR: Do you go to Curtis Cup with higher confidence now because of this week?

LAUREN WALSH: Yeah, I think so. I saw my game hold up against a lot of like -- against the best players in the world really and I played the golf course really well all week and I'm really happy with where my game is at right now and definitely a huge confidence boost going forward especially into next week. It's a great confidence boost for all my golf but especially next week.

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