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August 21, 2021

Viktor Hovland

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Liberty National Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you assess the round?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: It was a good day. I hit the ball really well. You know, it was kind of fairway, greens the whole way and managed to sneak in a couple putts here and there that was nice. I had it going for a little while and would have liked to have finished a little bit better.

Q. When you see some of those low scores, Cam shot 60 and a couple 9-unders today, does that change how you play and get more aggressive?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Not really, but it's easy to try to force things and I'm happy that I got off to a good start because it's easy to play decent golf and still be 1- or 2-under through ten holes, and you feel like you're losing compared to the field, which you kind of are. So it's hard not to kind of get ahead of yourself and then you press on the next shot and then you short-side yourself and then you make a bogey and feel even worse.

You've got to be a little bit more patient and just kind of let the good shots speak for themselves and try to make some putts.

Q. Little weird situation coming tomorrow with suspension of play tomorrow and going to Monday. What will you do with your Sunday?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: I'll probably stay inside so I don't blow away from the storms that are coming in tomorrow. But try to get a workout in and just watch a couple movies, talk to a couple buddies. I've got no problem wasting time.

Q. Right now you're projected 7th in the FedExCup, not sure how many strokes that will be behind, but what do you think of that scenario where you're chasing somebody from behind?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: I started ten shots behind last year. That's certainly a chase, and it's kind of nice to use that as a motivator to, all right, let's see how many shots I can kind of make up. Didn't really happen last year but you'd like to be the guy that everyone is chasing for sure even though that might be a little different situation mentally but at the end of the day, you'll take every stroke you can get.

Q. When was the first time you got in touch with Oklahoma State? How did that relationship start in Norway?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: First time was I played the European boys team championships in Scotland and coach was recruiting pretty heavily and we were just playing a couple practice rounds together and I happened to play behind or front of Chris, one of the matches and that's how Coach saw me and we kept in touch after that.

Q. How old were you?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: 14 at the time.

Q. You mentioned movies. Do you have a favorite American movie?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: I don't have a favorite. I watch a bunch of movies but I don't have a favorite. If I have to say one, maybe Interstellar.

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