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August 21, 2021

Justin Thomas

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Liberty National Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you assess your round today?

JUSTIN THOMAS: I played really well. I drove it well. My swing felt good. Hit a lot of quality irons. Hit a lot of really good putts. Just wasn't reading them that well. Would have been nice to hit something a little bit closer to the hole. I had a lot of those kind of like 18- to 25-footers that you'd like it make but realistically you're not going to make too many of them.

I played really solid. I hit a really good shot on 14 today that it literally was a foot from being a 15-footer for birdie but it just landed on a little firm spot on that back fringe and ended up with a double but I played solid today.

Q. Is it hard when you see some low scores, hard to stay patient knowing birdies will come if you're playing well?

JUSTIN THOMAS: I think it's the opposite. I think it's easier to stay patient because you look at all the guys going low, and it's so soft, it just doesn't matter where it is, how long the golf course is. If you give us a soft golf course and greens that roll true like these, then you can really make a lot of birdies and go really low.

So I tried to stay patient. I knew I should have shot lower than 1-under on the front but I knew that I could easily shoot 4-, 5-, 6-under on the back.

Q. Interesting situation with not playing tomorrow. What will you kind of do with your day tomorrow and then refocus for Monday?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I'm not sure what that decision was. Weather changes all the time and weathermen are wrong all the time. We're going to look pretty stupid if it's pretty nice tomorrow and we're all sitting in our hotel room, but it looks like the decision was already made.

I guess there was obviously a lot more decisions that went into it than just that. I'm going to have to figure out what to do because I've never had an off-day in the middle of the tournament. Probably a lot of putting in my room and a lot of eating and a lot of TV watching.

Q. How will you focus on Monday?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Again I have no idea. I shouldn't say I've never done it. I think we had it at BMW a couple years ago at Aronimink. I had it at a junior tournament believe it or not that I remember I didn't touch a club and thought I was fine and then I shot like 80 the next day. So I'm really hoping that that doesn't happen again.

Everyone's going to have to go through it. It's going to be weird for everybody but once we get out here and start hitting some balls, chips and putts, we'll get back into it.

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