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August 21, 2021

Louise Duncan

Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland, UK

Press Conference

Q. Well played, Louise, it's been so much fun to watch.

LOUISE DUNCAN: Thank you very much. Cheers.

Q. What's been your favourite moment on the golf course so far this week?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Has to be 18 today. The crowd was absolutely loving it and so was I, and to hole that putt tops it off as well.

Q. When you came into the week, what was your expectation? What would you consider to be a good week?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Make the cut. Play the weekend and just really enjoy myself.

Q. How do you explain where you are right now two shots off the lead?

LOUISE DUNCAN: I don't really know to be honest. Good help from my caddie, Dean Robertson. And yeah, couldn't have done it without him. Yeah, hopefully do the same tomorrow.

Q. How has the Scottish Golf Union helped get you to where you are right now? I know you're in school right now. What are your future plans?

LOUISE DUNCAN: So Scottish Golf, I've been in their programme for five, six years now maybe, and they, the Scottish Golf Academy, as well, I was in that for a wee while. It just helped me develop year by year and thankfully got picked for a few teams which is giving me good experiences and taught me how to play under pressure.

Q. Do you have a golfing hero growing up?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Not particularly, no, to be honest.

Q. Everyone is waiting for the next Catriona Matthew. Do you feel like that could be you?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Who knows, who knows, I think there's a few good prospects in Scotland, definitely. Hopefully we can all shine.

Q. You have one more year of school left?

LOUISE DUNCAN: I've actually got two. I've meant to have one but I'm splitting it over two.

Q. That reminds me, you didn't play any golf really in 2020; is that correct?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah. So we obviously had the lockdown and were on the golf course for like two months and I decided not to go play competitively down in England. I just didn't really fancy risking it. And, yeah, just helped me reset and get back to enjoying golf.

Q. Did you pick up a new hobby in that time?

LOUISE DUNCAN: I had a lot of downtime, actually, but I didn't pick up any hobbies.

Q. Details of the birdie at your last, what was the club and distance?

LOUISE DUNCAN: I had 155 yards. Hit a 6-iron. Flushed it, as well, which was nice. That was ideal, really because my previous hole, I hit a horrendous iron shot. So it was nice to hit that pretty close and felt like I was due a putt from the last, so I just had a nice putt and it rolled down left center.

Q. There's still a few players on the course that may affect the lead. But you're well ahead in terms of leading amateur. I know you probably want to go out there tomorrow and shoot a low one and put yourself in contention for winning but what would it mean to go to the Curtis Cup with the Low Amateur Medal?

LOUISE DUNCAN: It would be great. Obviously don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, Carnoustie has a record for disasters. I think it's been great for the three amateurs that have got through to the weekend. I think it's given us a good bit of confidence going down to Curtis Cup. Good for track records, and, yeah, overall pretty good.

Q. And just quickly, looking back over the 54 holes, what's been really pleasing about your game?

LOUISE DUNCAN: My putting. Putting has been really solid and just all my game, really. Hit the ball great and drove the ball really nicely, so yeah.

Q. I know you'll have many supporters out there, so best wishes, okay.

LOUISE DUNCAN: Thanks very much.

THE MODERATOR: We'll wrap that up there. Thanks to Louise for coming in.

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