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August 21, 2021

Louise Duncan

Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland, UK

Quick Quotes

Q. Amazing day, 7-under for the tournament, two back. Tell us the feeling right now?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, it feels great. Played well out there. And to be sitting only two shots behind currently, feels great. I can't wait to get going tomorrow.

Q. Describe the feeling for us walking off 18 today.

LOUISE DUNCAN: It felt great. To have everyone supporting me and cheering me on, like that is just phenomenal. Couldn't thank everyone enough, and yeah, it felt great.

Q. Did you feel any nerves and if so, how did you manage them?

LOUISE DUNCAN: I wouldn't say pressure, but I'd definitely say nerves. I've spoke about it all week, and they are definitely there and they still are there. I don't think they will go away tomorrow, either. So just being able to handle it, take a few deep breaths over every shot has really helped.

Q. Wearing shorts; were you cold at all?

LOUISE DUNCAN: No, I thought it was pretty warm out there. Pretty mild for Scotland, actually. I was happy to get in before the pour. So yeah, the waterproofs weren't required.

Q. Georgia Hall, AIG Women's British Open Championship 2018 -- did she give you an advice at all?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, she told me to just believe in myself. She was really nice all the way around both rounds. Gave me a few words of encouragement, so that was really nice to hear that.

I feel like how I played today, I've got a decent chance. Just keep the bogeys off the card, and yeah, I think I'll have a good shot.

Q. Did you think there was a possibility that you would be standing here on Saturday night saying you have a good shot at winning the Women's Open?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, I think it would have been daft to think that. Wasn't hitting it great last week. So to come in and actually hit it well, and just to follow warm-up some nice putts, it feels really good and I'm really happy with my performance.

Q. You talked about the nerves. They seem to be helping you.

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, they do seem to be helping me, surprisingly, because previously they haven't. But I think everyone can see that. To be able to control them and hit the shots and hit the putts when I need to, it's been good.

Q. The nerves, how are you coping with that --

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, I think I will be just doing the exact same as I've done today. A couple of deep breaths before every shot and just take one shot at a time.

Q. One of the great roars on 18, give us an idea what have that felt like?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, it felt a bit surreal. Almost didn't hear. I don't know, it was just -- I don't know what I was thinking but didn't hear it. So it would be great to watch the footage back and just be able to relive that for the rest of my life, it's been great, and all the support out there has been fantastic.

Q. Is that a sign -- everyone can hear if they were on the premises?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, I think it's been really good to have them out there and hopefully they will be out there cheering me on. They definitely keep me more positive than if I was by myself.

Q. Do you have many family and friends here?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah. I don't know what the plans are to be honest. A few of my bosses, as well, they came and watched, so glad to putt on a performance for them, and then obviously my friends and family are here. They are here most days -- all days, actually. I can't thank them enough and hopefully they will be out tomorrow.

Q. Having played links, is that an advantage?

LOUISE DUNCAN: I think it is definitely an advantage playing links golf, probably always have and probably always will and played a lot of links this season. Actually I don't think I've played any parkland -- I know I have, but not much. Yeah, I really like the course. Just whatever happens, happens.

Q. Thinking about --

LOUISE DUNCAN: Thanks for that. No, I'll be drowning my sorrows tomorrow I think, tears rolling down my face. But whatever happens, happens. I'll just try to not look.

Q. You said you didn't expect to be in contention, but what did you expect?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Making the weekend. Yeah, making the weekend, definitely, and then just to play well and just have fun really. Try and not embarrass myself. I'm excited to get out there tomorrow even if the weather is going to be like this. Hopefully it blows a wee bit as well.

Q. Will that be an advantage?

LOUISE DUNCAN: I think so. I hope so but you never know. You don't know who going to play well and who likes these conditions.

Q. (Outfit for tomorrow)?

LOUISE DUNCAN: I've planned an outfit, and it's white trousers, and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to wear them if it's raining.

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