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August 20, 2021

Kevin Na

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Liberty National Golf Club

Quick Quotes

KEVIN NA: It was great. Tony was striking the ball beautifully, and it's nice to see guys that you're playing with play well so you can see the birdies are out there and low scores are out there.

Q. The putter was getting hot around the turn?

KEVIN NA: Yeah, my short game was hot this week. I'm striking the ball well, but when I did miss it I recovered nicely, like on 18 I did there. Sometimes you've just got to get up-and-down from difficult positions to keep your momentum alive, and I've been doing that.

Funny story, walking off the tee I hit it in the left rough, and I have no idea what the right is, hazard or out-of-bounds. I looked at my caddie, and he said, "It's out-of-bounds." Usually out of the rough the club wants to turn over and go left. I'm trying to scoot it up the opening with a 5-wood, and it comes off right, and I'm going, oh, boy, this better stay left. And I didn't realize it hit the top of the concrete there, that wall, and it hopped over there, and I was able to make par. That's at least a two-shot swing there.

Q. How much is Ryder Cup on your mind? Have you heard from Steve Stricker at all?

KEVIN NA: I'm sure he's watching. Yeah, I'd like a chance. I know that was in the back of my head. Probably shouldn't have been in the back of my head in the playoff. A couple weeks before, finished second at John Deere. Things are trending in the right direction. I'm going to need probably a win this week or next week to have a chance for a captain's pick.

Q. How would you say your game translates to Whistling Straits?

KEVIN NA: The way I'm putting right now, doesn't matter where I play.

Q. Scott said Stricker sent out a questionnaire to players?

KEVIN NA: I got the group text. We were talking about, TOUR Championship guys, stopping by and having a practice round and things like that. I'm trying to keep up, but at the same time trying to play the Playoffs, too. Might have missed that one.

Q. Where would you rank the Ryder Cup compared to a major?

KEVIN NA: Right behind a major, because I don't have a major and I don't have a Ryder Cup.

Q. You've become known for walking in the putt --

KEVIN NA: I did a few today, yeah. I've always done it. I've always done it. I've obviously got more attention when Tiger imitates you, it creates a buzz. I like it. The fans, that's what they are rooting for and that's what they want to see, so I'll give them what they want.

Q. Do you remember where it started?

KEVIN NA: Since I was a kid, I can't remember.

Q. Curious if you grew up watching The Ryder Cup and if it was a big deal for you as a child?

KEVIN NA: You know, you can only go so far back, right. Just the one that popped in my head -- what was the year Justin Leonard made that bomb? I was in high school. I was just in high school. I remember that putt and I was a big Justin Leonard fan, and it was awesome to watch that.

That's one memory that I have growing up watching it.

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