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August 19, 2021

Georgia Hall

Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Georgia, well played. Nice opening round in the 60s. How would you reflect on the start?

GEORGIA HALL: Very happy with that. There wasn't much wind at all, so I tried to take advantage of that. It was a fairly slow front nine but managed to get some putts to drop in the back.

Q. How special was it to have fans back out there?

GEORGIA HALL: Really special. It was so nice to walk on the 1st tee and have them all there. I'm not sure how many will be there at 7:30 tomorrow, but definitely on the back nine I hope to see as many as possible. It's really nice.

Q. Always special for you coming back to this championship where you've won before. Emotionally, what sense do you get when you arrive on property and then as you go through the week?

GEORGIA HALL: I mean, it's my favourite event of the year. It's one I enjoy the most. It's so nice to be playing at home in front of home crowds cheering me on. And obviously links golf, I rarely get to play that nowadays. It's just a lot of happiness when I'm here.

Q. Great to watch you today. Very well played.

GEORGIA HALL: Thank you.

Q. So right up there in the mix, Georgia. Are you happy with that?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, very happy. It's only the first round, but I've got myself in a good position and trying to take advantage of really still weather out there. I think today was probably the easiest it's going to play.

Q. And on the 18th, can you just say what happened there.

GEORGIA HALL: Just three-putted. Easily done. Yeah, I was level par the last few holes, which I'll take every day, so I was happy with really my last three holes.

Q. And your assessment of how Louise played? Is that the first time you've seen her?

GEORGIA HALL: Yes, first time I met her is amazing. She's so natural, natural player. Very, very talented, and just a really, really nice girl, and I'm really happy that she managed to shoot such a low score today.

Q. What did you do particularly well today?

GEORGIA HALL: My irons were pretty good on the back nine especially. It took me a while to get going the first five or six holes. I had some really important par putts, three, four-footers that kind of kept me in it, and then a great shot on 16 to get another birdie.

Q. What was the club?


Q. To how far?

GEORGIA HALL: Three, four foot.

Q. Best shot of the day then?


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