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August 18, 2021

Kevin Kisner

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Liberty National Golf Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Kevin Kisner into the interview room at the Northern Trust. Kevin won last week's Wyndham Championship in a six-man playoff. Kevin, if you could just reflect for us on those last few days coming out after that dramatic victory.

KEVIN KISNER: Lots of fun Sunday in Greensboro to finally get a playoff victory under my belt. I had the easiest odds of my career, so I thought it would be easy for sure. Just kidding on all that.

I got to go home and see my family and hang out with them for two days. I flew up yesterday, got some practice in last night, and getting ready to go play the Pro-Am.

THE MODERATOR: Going into last week, you were No. 69 in the FedExCup standings, up to No. 29 this week. How important was that jump for you as you look to qualify for another TOUR Championship this season?

KEVIN KISNER: Obviously, I knew I needed a big run here in the playoffs to make it to East Lake and have a good chance at the FedExCup. So to go ahead and get an early start on that last week was awesome. Obviously, I know Sedgefield is a great golf course for my game, and I knew I had some success in the past.

I knew I liked this place as well, and I've got a lot of great memories from next week. So hopefully, the run continues.

THE MODERATOR: You said this course, you have good memories here. Could you just explain a little bit how this course sets up for your game.

KEVIN KISNER: I think driving the golf ball around the greens is a big key around Liberty National. The wind normally blows pretty good, which I like, and it's not overly long. So as long as we don't get a bunch of rain, I feel like they can firm it up and make it play almost linksy style, which I remember in, I believe 2019 was the last time we were here. Sunday got really firm. I played well. I think I finished in the top 10 or 12 or so. And I just remember how firm and fast they got the golf course by Sunday. Hopefully, we still get the chance to do that this week.

Q. You have talked before about how important it is for you to make the TOUR Championship. I'm curious, what is the difference -- what would be the difference in your head between, let's say, making the TOUR Championship at the cutoff at 30 and just maybe missing it by one spot? Would that end up making you see your year completely differently even though it could be a matter of a point or something?

KEVIN KISNER: I just think, if you make it to the TOUR Championship, it sets up your whole next year. You get into all the majors and all the invitationals, and you can really set your schedule up. Obviously, you've got a chance to make a lot of world ranking points there in a smaller field. So it's all added bonuses to your career and the following year.

Being one short is the first loser, in my opinion, and it won't be a success.

Q. I know how much you enjoy Ryder Cup questions, so I have a couple of those for you as well.


Q. I actually was just curious if there's been any communication since you won with Steve Stricker, whether it's text or phone call or anything like that?

KEVIN KISNER: He just texted me congratulations and to keep it up. We're good friends. We've known each other a long time. I enjoy his company and value his friendship. So I think the media puts way more on it than any of us in the middle of it.

Q. Speaking of the media, I don't know how closely you follow the discourse about yourself on Twitter or anything like that, but there's been an interesting debate about the Ryder Cup with some people saying Kevin Kisner is a great match play golfer, he should be there. Other people saying Whistling Straits is not the course for him, and in the past he's made comments that there are courses he can't win at. What would you say to that kind of argument, if you have any opinions on it?

KEVIN KISNER: Well, Whistling Straits, I don't even really remember from the PGA, which I think was about '15, so I can't recall. I know it's long. In match play, it's a total different animal than stroke play, so I'm not having to beat 155 other guys on the golf course. I just have to beat one or two depending on the format. So I can bring value to the team in the ways I can get the ball in the hole.

Q. So you feel like the style of match play almost eliminates the concerns of, yeah, like length or whatever? It becomes a whole different game that you're good at?

KEVIN KISNER: What if I'm playing with D.J. and I'm hitting all his approach shots? The game's pretty equal from there out.

THE MODERATOR: We appreciate your time.

KEVIN KISNER: I appreciate all the media asking me all those questions and really valuing my time here. Thank you guys.

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