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August 18, 2021

Georgia Hall

Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland, UK

Press Conference

OLIVIA McMILLAN: We are lucky to be joined by the 2018 champion, Georgia Hall. Thank you so much for joining us, Georgia.

It's been quite an exciting day here at the AIG Women's Open with the big announcement that the prize fund for this year increasing to $5.8 million, followed by 6.$8 million next year. From a player's perspective can you let us know what that means to the players as a group.

GEORGIA HALL: It's phenomenal and fantastic to hear that and that it's actually happening. Week-in, week-out, we want to play for big prize funds and it just recognises what an amazing event this is. To me, it's the biggest event in women's golf, and it's great news for all our players.

Q. Saw you on the course this afternoon getting a feel for Carnoustie. What are you expecting from the course this week? Obviously it has quite a reputation?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, I played 18 holes today and it was a lot different golf course than yesterday, just based on the wind. I think every day is going to be different, and that's what it should be, you know, British Open. I'm really excited to play. I haven't played an event here in ten years, and yeah, I look forward to teeing it up tomorrow.

Q. And obviously you have the experience of winning The Open Championship. What would it mean to go and do that again at Carnoustie?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's incredibly special to me, winning three years ago, and yeah, to win it again would be incredible, and it's still my favorite event of the year. Yeah, I mean, I don't really think about that. I'll think about tomorrow first.

But obviously to be crowned champion again would be amazing and that's definitely one of my goals.

Q. There's such a strong contingent, yourself and Charley from England, flying the flag for England, as well. Are you expecting a successful week for you?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, I'm playing well coming into this week. I've had a run of a lot of golf but also good results. Also a lot of players especially from Britain, England, playing well and playing in this event and so hopefully we'll have the home proud behind us.

Q. Just going back to 2018, do you remember kind of or if at all, do you know if the win changed you in any way, either as a player or in terms of your preparation or on the course?

GEORGIA HALL: I don't think it changed me as a person. As a golfer, obviously having an Major Champion on your name is very special and I will have that the rest of my career. I think it changed that way. I got noticed more. Yeah, there's more expectation, and winning in my home country, I got more known around England.

Q. Did it in any way increase pressure or the fact that more people are recognising you day-in and day-out?

GEORGIA HALL: I don't like to put too much expectation on myself but it increased expectations from other people. But of course when you win a major, especially it's my rookie year, more people would take a look at how I'm doing.

But I love the pressure that comes with winning, and after that, I felt very comfortable just going out there playing golf.

Q. Picking up on what you said at the top in terms of being asked about the increased prize fund with the Women's Open, in terms of closing the gap to the men, do you think that the game, the women's tour, is closing that gap slowly?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it definitely is. You know, especially what the R&A and AIG have done for this event is just raising the bar for other events and companies to do the same and that's what's needed in women's golf.

From a personal point of view, I'm really happy and proud to be associated with the R&A and AIG.

Q. Do you ever see a situation in your playing year where the gap is so close that the men's and women's tours sit side-by-side?

GEORGIA HALL: I really hope. So that would be incredible if that happened. But it all has to go in steps and this is a great step forward to making that happen.

OLIVIA McMILLAN: Georgia, I know that you're really passionate about growing the game and you've spent a lot of time as the R&A Girls' Golf Ambassador, and on Monday, you went out with a whole heap of excited children who won a ticket to the AIG Women's Open. Can you comment about Monday's experience and why junior golf is so important to you?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's so important to of course growing the game and get more youngsters into golf in general. I think that's incredibly important for the game. It's really inspiring to me seeing so many youngsters turn up, and for me to give a tip that they can go home and start practising with, but it's nice to be able to help inspire them.

Q. What's your take an Nelly Korda, her achievement over the past few months and how good is it to have a big star, potentially maybe become a dominant force in the game? Is that a good thing for the game to help promote it?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, 100 per cent. The achievements she's done this year is extraordinary. She's quite a good friend of mine and it's been really great to see her do so well, especially win a Gold Medal a couple weeks ago. It was really inspiring. I think she's such a role model for the youngsters out there, very athletic and just a really down-to-earth, nice person.

So yeah, I think she's done great.

Q. How long have you been mates?

GEORGIA HALL: I would say three years, kind of since I've been on Tour. We've shared together a few times obviously before COVID, so I got to know her pretty well.

OLIVIA McMILLAN: Georgia, thank you for being so generous with your time. We wish you the best of luck this week at the AIG Women's Open.

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