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July 29, 2005

Bruce Summerhays


Q. Just a couple thoughts about the round.

BRUCE SUMMERHAYS: It was fun playing with Jim Ahern and Dale Douglas makes it a lot of fun, makes it easier. They both got to making birdies, so it helped me to relax that way and make some birdies, but I was consistent today. I hit two bad tee balls and they cost me bogeys, but other than that, on the front side, on the short No. 4, the 4th hole, and then on the 7th hole, I hit bad tee balls and it cost me bogeys.

Other than that, everything was kind of consistent, made a few putts and did a few things good, so it was fun, very nice, actually to be under par again today.

Q. Any key shots, any long putts, any heroics out there?

BRUCE SUMMERHAYS: Well, on the last hole, which was my 9th hole no real heroics. Well, that's not true. On the 6th hole, the par 5, I hit my second shot right down on the hill down there, and that pin was front left, and I had basically nothing, and I hit a sand wedge, opened up, hit it up there to about a foot and a half. That was unbelievable because it was such a hard golf shot you had no choice but to flip it way up in the air and come down. And right behind me Dale Douglas holed it from that right bunker. That was unbelievable on that hole. So the crowd was kind of cheering on the 6th hole.

Q. Just some thoughts, 36 to go. Was the course any different today than yesterday? Was it drying out?

BRUCE SUMMERHAYS: You know, it was about the same. The greens held nicely again, so you're going to see some low scores, and think you'll see that again. If they firm up, it'll make a big difference in the scoring because that's all this needs. If those greens get firm, watch out, because they're so slopey and you're going to have to hit the ball just absolutely perfect to have it end up in a proper spot. You'll see guys chipping around the greens a little bit more than you have so far.

End of FastScripts.

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