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August 12, 2021

Sarah Schmelzel

Leven, Fife, Scotland, UK

Dumbarnie Links

Quick Quotes

Q. 4-under today. The front nine, what was working so well?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: I was hitting it pretty close. Was making it easy on myself. Gave myself looks pretty much on the holes I birdied and then some. So it was easy to get into rhythm on the front nine and I was glad to see a few putts go in.

Q. The birdies, it seemed like every other hole you were striping it. Is it the greens or your irons?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: I think links golf is so fun. I think it's awesome. I like to shape the ball. I like to kind of play with how the ball is sitting in the fairway with your stance and everything and you get so much of that in links golf and makes you focus on your shot shapes and you have to hit it well to have good looks at birdie. I think it's super fun. I always love coming over here and playing golf.

Q. What is it like getting used to this new course, a links course, that's a whole other set of challenges?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: This course is absolutely amazing, you'd never be able to tell it's a year old. From tee-to-green it's in pretty much perfect shape. It's been fun to get to know it.

I think we love coming to new places and everyone getting acclimated that first year and seeing what kind of challenges a new spot brings to us. So far it's been amazing and I'm looking forward to the rest of the week.

Q. It's been a couple-week break with the Olympics and everything, what have you been working on as you've gotten ready for this event?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: I've struggled a little bit ball-striking-wise at Evian and a little bit in Ireland. So tightening things up there but mentally trying to enjoy everything. It's been a stretch. I've been on the road since before Vegas, so it's been a long time away from home.

So I have really just been trying to stay present, stay in the moment, enjoy everything, look out, see all the beautiful views and just appreciate the position I'm in.

Q. Were you able to go home after Ireland or did you stay?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: No, I stayed. I really haven't been back since Vegas. When we had our break, I took Dallas off, and usually in the middle of the summer I'll go to South Carolina and practise at the University of South Carolina golf course and see my old golf coach everything and. It works out well because I don't have to travel very far but it's a long break from home.

Q. What do you like most about coming back to Europe?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Just so beautiful, so much history, when you go into different cities, the buildings are incredible, they are old, they are unique, and it's just so laid back.

Like I said everywhere you look, there's a green and it's just green and perfect everywhere. It's really cool. It's an amazing place.

Q. Feels like the wind is starting to pick up. Do you feel like you were able to take advantage of the less windy conditions this morning?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Yeah, that was a big goal, my caddie and I talked about it last night, trying to get off to a good start and take advantage of the calmest few hours we'll have for the four days of the event. I'm glad I was able to do that. I think links golf is even more fun when the conditions get crazy so I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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