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August 11, 2021

Georgia Hall

Leven, Fife, Scotland, UK

Dumbarnie Links

Press Conference

Q. Welcome to the Trust Golf Women's Scottish Open. You've been out and played your first 18 holes on the course how was it?

GEORGIA HALL: Really nice, not a lot of wind. I don't think I've experienced it like proper yet but the conditions are really good. It looks like no one's even played on it.

Q. What's your sort of impressions, what kind of course is it? One you're going to go for it, being patient?

GEORGIA HALL: I think there could be some drivable par 4s and on the weather, I mean, it depends what it is but I think it could be a fairly low-scoring course from what I've seen.

Q. And lots of risk and reward holes?

GEORGIA HALL: Yes. It depends what they do with the tees. There's quite a few options which will really change a hole especially with the wind. There are definitely some risk/reward tee shots out there.

Q. And obviously you're a girl that loves links, having won the women's British Open on it, and this is a very important time of year for you. So coming in, is there an extra skip in your step?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm so happy to be here and it feels like I'm at home and always my two favorites events of the year pretty much are these two, so I look forward to playing tomorrow.

Q. Looking at your results, it seems to be trending that you are doing your traditional-second-half-of-the-year-is-stronger. Do you feel good about your game and where you're at?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, really good. I mean, since like week before KPMG, I finished sixth, good result at the Evian. I'm confident and relaxed going into the next few weeks.

Q. Playing at home is one of your favorite things to do but there is a big change for you in the fact that you don't have your dad on the bag. Can you talk about that? We usually see him come out and shake off his smelly socks.

GEORGIA HALL: Harry caddied in The Open last year and he hasn't done it for a couple years, but I think he's more going to just watch now. Just, like, I don't know, he's coming next week, so it's really nice for them to come and watch. I really enjoy that. At the end of the day, that's what matters for me.

It would be nice for them to come and watch again because they haven't been able to because of COVID. They watched one round in London at the team series event but since then I think it was Solheim at Gleneagles.

Q. Anything else you're working on this week?

GEORGIA HALL: Not really. It's just nice to have my own car and some comforts, especially you have to stay in the hotel, kind of thing. Nice to have British food.

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