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July 30, 2021

Jennifer Kupcho

Northern Ireland

Galgorm Castle & Massereene Golf Club

Quick Quotes

JENNIFER KUPCHO: It was good. I played really well. Hit the ball really well, made a lot of putts.

Q. The golf course here is a bit different, isn't it.

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, the golf courses are definitely different from each other. I actually had only played nine holes at this course, so a little bit just going out there and seeing what happens today.

Q. Is that part of the challenge then, there is a difference because you've got a linksey style golf course down there, it's a challenge of having two different courses?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, it's definitely different. The conditions are also different at both courses, as well. I think to just come out and trust my caddie and work well together with him and just see what I can do.

Q. Your idea after two rounds is to be in contention going into Saturday. How do you feel about your game?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I'm playing well. Obviously I'm at the top, but I came out here to win, so just going to keep doing my best. There's still two full rounds. Lots of golf and just got to keep my head in it.

Q. Getting across the line, how does that happen? It's a tough thing to win, isn't it.

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I think it's just really to just get into contention a lot. I think learning something from every experience -- I definitely learned a lot my couple years out here on Tour, so just going to take that into this weekend.

Q. You've got the LET, as well, here this week, so there's people you don't know appearing on the leaderboard. It's tough, isn't it, very difficult to win.

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I don't know more than half the girls out here probably, so it doesn't matter, though. They're still competitors, and I go out here and just try and play my best.

Q. Tell us about the experience of being in Northern Ireland.

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, Northern Ireland is really pretty. I mean, it's hard because we don't get to go sightsee or anything with COVID, but what we do see of it is pretty cool, and it's nice being over here.

Q. What's the preparation now? So you've finished; are you going to go -- you've got a long break before you play tomorrow. Do you go back to the golf course at Galgorm and practice there?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Absolutely not. I'm going straight to bed.

Q. With your finish and experience ad the Drive On Champ in March, did it provide an even greater hunger for you to find the winnerís circle? And when you find a groove in a tournament like this week, what is your next gear?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think playing well at the Drive On [in March], I learn from every tournament and especially any time Iím in contention so to be able to take that into this weekend Iím looking forward to it. I just focus on shot by shot and try to play my best. Iím have been playing good this week so Iím looking forward to taking it into the weekend.

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