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July 29, 2021

Isaiah Jackson

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Q. How does it feel to get your name called today?

ISAIAH JACKSON: I mean, it's a surreal moment. Just growing up, just wanting, like having the dream of making it to the NBA, it's just crazy. So, this is surreal moment for me and I'm enjoying it.

Q. We talked when you were in Indy, what do you remember about that experience? I know I think it was like your fourth workout at that point, you were trying to show that you could guard multiple positions and shoot, and clearly they liked what they saw.

ISAIAH JACKSON: I mean, I liked everything from the workout to, I mean, even Coach [Rick Carlisle] helping me out there to work out with my shot technique, to meeting with the front office, I loved everything about it in Indy and I can't wait to get there to get to work.

Q. The Summer League is coming up in less than two weeks, how excited are you to play in the Summer League and what are some of your goals for the year?

ISAIAH JACKSON: I can't wait to start Summer League just to show everybody in the world what I've been working on this whole summer, what I been doing in workouts and stuff. I want to just help Indiana win. I know like last year they didn't have the best season but I can't wait to get there and just help them win. That's my whole mentality, it’s just going in and working and helping them win.

Q. How did you feel Kentucky prepared you for this moment, for your professional career?

ISAIAH JACKSON: I feel like Kentucky helped me. It taught me a lot of things. One of them was like how to deal with adversity. The other one was just on the court just playing tough, playing with that fire, playing like every game can be your last or the other team's championship. So, just coming out with that fire and just playing tough.

Q. What do you remember about that conversation with Rick? You said you were working on your shot or something, is there something that stands out to you about that?

ISAIAH JACKSON: Just him doing it with me. Like all the workouts I think he was the only coach that did that and I respected it. He wanted to see me get better and I can't wait to get there and just keep working on it and just keep working period.

Q. How did this experience the last week or two or last month really live up to maybe what you were hoping for or expecting?

ISAIAH JACKSON: It lived up to everything, just having my name called, getting drafted, it's just, it's mind blowing, like I'm still right now trying to -- I don't feel anything right now but I'm still trying to -- it just feels like a dream in a way, like it's just crazy right now, like I'm just trying to bottle all my emotions and it's just crazy, man.

Q. What should Pacers fans know about Isaiah Jackson?

ISAIAH JACKSON: That I'm a hard worker, I bring it all, I'm a defensive anchor, I'm going to be their energy guy that Indiana needs and like I keep saying, I can't wait to get there and get to work and show everybody, prove everybody wrong.

Q. You're going to be in the league this year, your rookie season, you have the opportunity to play against a lot of legendary forwards, same position as you. How is that going to feel to learn from them as well as take some of those things and implement that to your game?

ISAIAH JACKSON: I feel like just learning and playing against some of the best guys in the league is what the NBA is about. Like it's learning, picking people's brains, just soaking everything in pretty much like a sponge. So, that's what I'm planning to do, learn from all the vets that come into my life and everybody I play against, try to pick their brain.

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