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July 28, 2021

Rafael Benitez

Orlando, Florida, USA

Camping World Stadium

Everton F.C.

Media Conference

Everton - 1, Pumas UNAM - 0

Q. Just wondering whether, after two tough games out there in Florida, are there other players where you want them to be fitness-wise ahead of the final preseason game in ten days?

RAFAEL BENITEZ: Obviously the precision is for improving the fitness, the understanding between players. Still we're too far away because it's a special year with players coming back after Copa America and the Euros. So, obviously we are improving the fitness, but are still a little bit far away. But hopefully in the next 14 days it will be much better and we can compete at the level that we want to compete in the Premier League.

Q. The game against Manchester United on August 7, I just want to check the note plans for any of the moving behind closed doors games (indiscernible) are there extra matches on or?

RAFAEL BENITEZ: I think it's important to have a rival like a Manchester United that will give us an opportunity to see the level of the players. In terms of another game, I don't see too much space for that because we play games, another game, we don't have time with players coming back at the beginning of all our stuff -- the Euros, the Copa America -- I think it will be much better to stay together, train together and for the understanding of the players and the manager. I think it will be better to have maybe a game between us and see how it's going on.

Q. And Moise Kean's goal tonight, how have you found the players to work with him, and is he somebody you can utilize this season if he stays at the club?

RAFAEL BENITEZ: I think it's important for (indiscernible) to stay his course. That is good news for him, good news for us. And it's early stage in the precision. So we'll have to keep working and then see what happened.

The problem with the transfer window is that they finish at the end of August. And, so, you'll be playing games and make decisions for players. It's important for them that they have to carry on and for him to score goals is the best way for him to make his point.

Q. Gbamin has looked stronger and fitter with every game. How pleased are you with what you've seen? But equally how cautious are you given his injury problems?

RAFAEL BENITEZ: Obviously he has had big problems in the past. Now he's playing well. He's kept getting stronger, as you say. I can see him challenging for a position and it's good for us. And it's what it is about the competition, it will improve the level of the players and the level of the team. He's doing well. He's working hard like the rest of the infielders and we'll see in a few weeks how it's going on.

Q. Question in Spanish?

RAFAEL BENITEZ: I think it's a precision so we have to give (indiscernible) to everyone, but there are plenty of opportunities to be involved to play. He can (indiscernible) for the team.

Q. [Spanish]

RAFAEL BENITEZ: I will say in English that we were expecting that they would play in another way. We were watching some games and they changed the system. And that is good news for us because we were learning how to manage another way to attack and defend against a different system. And that is a great opportunity for us to grow, to improve. And I think that we did well in the end.

Q. [Spanish]

RAFAEL BENITEZ: Obviously Mexican futbol is a very good futbol, good level, good players. My experience with them when I was (indiscernible), I knew him for a long, long time. And also I signed (indiscernible) Torrado (phonetic), a good player. I think you know him really well. So the level of Mexican futbol is quite good. And then you can see some players, young players, hungry and with determination.

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