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July 28, 2021

Ben Godfrey

Orlando, Florida, USA

Camping World Stadium

Everton F.C.

Media Conference

Everton - 1, Pumas UNAM - 0

Q. Couple of tough games over in the States, difficult conditions. Do you and the rest of the squad feel in a good place now fitness-wise on the back of that?

BEN GODFREY: Yeah, we don't realize how much different it is until you come over here. It feels like there's no oxygen, (indiscernible) it's all your legs. And as you said, it's definitely beneficial for us and we're going to feel the benefits of it when we go back into the normal UK weather that we play in. So, yes, it's a good feel around the place and the lads are ready for one more preseason game and then the actual season.

Q. The new major has brought in (indiscernible) as well. Has he been putting in some tough sessions? The new manager's brought Paco with him as a coach, and Paco's sort of fitness background, has he been putting in some tough sessions?

BEN GODFREY: Yes, of course, that's what preseason is about, intensity, getting that load back into your legs and improving that fitness. And the manager's brought his stuff in to condition us in the way he wants us to be. As I said the lads are feeling good. And physically we'll be ready come start the Premier League season.

Q. You said "massive season." What do you think realistically the club needs to be targeting because a tenth-place finish last season, what do you think is realistic this time around?

BEN GODFREY: Anything is possible in futbol, we all know that. We're working on to improve that season. We started off really well. Unfortunately missed out on European futbol. I've said it so many times in interviews that everyone is a massive club, and I think European futbol has got to be on our mind. That's what we'll aim for.

It was a shame, obviously, last season finished the way it did, as you said, in tenth place. We're all disappointed but we're all really competitive. That's what we're working on, working on last season and hopefully give our fans and the club what they deserve.

Q. Do you expect that Pumas, the (indiscernible), it's very tough. Do you feel that the level of the Mexican team are good or bad? Or what do you think about playing against the Pumas (indiscernible)?

BEN GODFREY: We've played against two tough opponents tonight -- on this trip, sorry. And it's important that you do that in preseason. The Premier League teams will be really high quality. All credit to the teams we've played over here. It's been two tough tests. We'll take a lot of positives out of it. And the lads have enjoyed it. It's been a good trip.

As I said, it's been really different playing in different conditions against two good teams and it's definitely put us in a good place. Ready for the first start of the Premier season.

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