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July 27, 2021

Carol Semple Thompson

Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Brooklawn Country Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We are pleased to welcome Carol Semple Thompson to the interview area. Carol is competing in her first Senior Women's Open.

How does it feel to be here this week?

CAROL SEMPLE THOMPSON: It feels wonderful. It's just so much fun seeing so many friends from the past. I can't say much for my golf. I haven't been playing a lot, but I'm thrilled to be here and I thank the USGA very much for the exemption.

THE MODERATOR: When we announced as the USGA the Senior Women's Open a few years ago, what did you think about that as a USGA championship as a long-time USGA competitor?

CAROL SEMPLE THOMPSON: Well, I thought it was a wonderful idea. I thought it was something -- it was time for it. I think it's worked out beautifully just as the USGA had hoped. I think everybody enjoys it and enjoys seeing their friends, and the venues have been wonderful.

So I'm sorry I missed the first two, but I get to be here for the third one.

THE MODERATOR: Absolutely. You played in a Women's Open here some time ago. Any memories from that week?

CAROL SEMPLE THOMPSON: Hardly any. It was a long time ago, 1979, and I don't tend to remember golf courses. But I did play yesterday and this is such a wonderful layout. I just think it's great. It's a little bit long for me, but that's all right. I struggled my way around. I'm really looking forward to playing.

Q. You played with JoAnne yesterday; correct?

CAROL SEMPLE THOMPSON: I did; I played with JoAnne Carner.

Q. What was the conversation like in that group?

CAROL SEMPLE THOMPSON: Well, I've known Joe an for a long time. I played against her in the '60s, so she's a great friend of mine. She wasn't happy with her golf. I wasn't happy with my golf but we still were enjoying playing together and just seeing a lovely golf course.

Q. You are a rarity in this day and age of being a career amateur. When you look back on that, is that a decision that you are happy that you made?

CAROL SEMPLE THOMPSON: Very happy. I think I was competing in a wonderful time for amateurs, and I had exemptions for so many tournaments and got in the Curtis Cup teams and it was just a great time for me as an amateur. That really led to my playing in so many USGA Championships, that now, people can't get into that many championships because they have to qualify for everything.

So I was very lucky in that way that I had many, many exemptions, including my exemption into this year's U.S. Senior Women's Open.

Q. Have you kept track of how many USGA events you've played?

CAROL SEMPLE THOMPSON: I believe I've played in 116. But I'm not counting.

Q. At this stage in your career, what does being a seven-time USGA Champion mean to you?

CAROL SEMPLE THOMPSON: It means everything because I grew up as a USGA brat. Both of my parents were involved with the USGA and to be able to play in that many championships and to win, whatever, seven of them, it's just fantastic. I could never have imagined that when I was a teenager.

THE MODERATOR: We are so honored to have you here this week. Good luck.

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