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July 22, 2021

Darren Clarke

Sunningdale, Berkshire, England

Sunningdale Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. What's the key to winning this week?

DARREN CLARKE: What's the key to winning this week?

Q. Besides the lowest score.

DARREN CLARKE: I think you've got to respect Sunningdale. You've got to play smart here. It's important to hit it on the fairways, that can be any week, but I've played here enough to know that there's certain flags that you go for and there's certain flags that you don't go for.

And I played smart around here. I hit away from the flags to the middle of the greens and gave myself some chances, and kept giving myself chances there in the last few holes. Didn't make anything at the end but just played smart. I think the winner is going to have to play smart this week.

Q. How has equipment changed this course that really hasn't changed much?

DARREN CLARKE: Well, I'm hitting as far around here now as when I was playing here all the time. The equipment's made it that distance-wise, on a great old course like Sunningdale, you would say it's possibly in length, in terms of the length of the golf course, not really one you should play anymore but there's still difficulty in hitting the shots.

You still have to hit on the fairways and navigate on the greens and know them. Though technology has moved on, you still have to play. You have some wonderful players on the Champions Tour that can still play.

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