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July 23, 2021

Paul Broadhurst

Sunningdale, Berkshire, England

Sunningdale Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. 6-under par, 65 in windy conditions. Tell us about that round.

PAUL BROADHURST: Got off to a great start eagling the first. You know, you say it's a gimmie birdie but you still have to hit it on the green and knock it on and two-putt, hit a 7-iron to about ten feet and rolled it in. Great start to the day.

Just played solidly. Didn't make too many mistakes. The tough holes into the wind, 10, 12, a few others but the tough holes I played really well. I birdied 10, which many people are doing, it's playing long, but kept it in play and didn't hit too many bad shots. When I had a chance, I took it like on 18.

Q. Having played here in the past, and in the difficult conditions today, how much did the past help you today?

PAUL BROADHURST: I them playing it, we played The European Open in the 90s and we played Open Qualifying -- you know how to hit driver, especially on the early holes. The bunkers, proper hazard. Yeah, when I heard this was at Sunningdale, I was quite happy, knowing the course fairly well.

It's not really a bomber's track, which I'm not a long hitter, so I guess it's a course that suits me.

Q. You're two back right now, how do you go forward dealing with the tough conditions?

PAUL BROADHURST: A shot at a time, the old cliché, no magic scenario or anything like that. I know the weather is not supposed to be too good but hopefully we'll miss the rain showers and thunder and lightning, and the course will be softer again. It started to firm up this afternoon and some of the holes are playing shorter, but if the course softens overnight, it will be different tomorrow.

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