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July 25, 2021

Georgia Hall

Evian-les-Bains, France

Evian Resort Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. You've got Evian pink on head to toe, complete with the mask. You had a great final round here at Evian. Eagle is always a great way to finish. You feel good about the way you played this week.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm really happy. First few days were fairly average, but I really made the most of it this weekend. To finish with eagle made it extra special.

Q. How did you play 18 to get the eagle?

GEORGIA HALL: Smashed a drive. I struggled to hit that fairway, to be honest. It was the first time I hit the fairway and I had 7-iron in, so hit it to about 15 foot and holed the putt.

Q. Awesome. How did you overcome - it was a perfectly fine start - but kind of slow, and now you're in the Top 10, probably Top 5?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm fourth at the moment. I just got to be patient out there. It is tough at times and just got to make the most of some of the par-5s, which I done today, and to see where we are.

Yeah, hopefully I'm not too far away.

Q. Going into a couple busy weeks. You're playing Northern Ireland?

GEORGIA HALL: And Spain, yeah.

Q. And Spain. It's going to be absolutely crazy. How are you going to get through the next few weeks?

GEORGIA HALL: Just playing in Europe is like -- I'm so happy to kind of like be home. You know, an hour or two flight is a massive difference. So used to going to the U.S. on 12-hour flights, so I'm just really enjoying that.

Enjoying being at home and hopefully playing good golf.

Q. And got AIG coming up. Is that the next big thing on your calendar?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, that's my next priority for sure. Yeah, next few weeks improve as much as I can for that. Scottish Open will be fun as well. Definitely Carnoustie is the one I'm going for, yeah.

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