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July 24, 2021

Pajaree Anannarukarn

Evian-les-Bains, France

Evian Resort Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. 1-over. Not too bad. You hung in there. What made today a little more challenging than the previous two days?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I think I -- I didn't really drive it good as the first two rounds so it gave me a tough line going into the green, less opportunities.

So, yeah, that's how my day going paragraph I didn't drive it good off the tee and it make it tough.

Q. Did you feel comfortable in the final grouping?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Yes. I mean, I feel good out there just playing alongside with Ariya, so it's definitely I feel good. But also maybe just I couldn't drive it as good as the first two days, so that's just made my game a little harder than the first two rounds.

Q. With the driving is it something that you think is easily fixable or might need a little more than a day to think on it?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I mean, it's just golf, right? One day you waking up and just driving it good, and next day you feel like, oh, it wasn't the same as yesterday.

Yeah, hopefully getting my routine back and get the feel back hopefully will drive it better tomorrow.

Q. When you look at seven back of the lead, still in a major championship I feel like anything can happen. Do you feel like that's the case here?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I mean, yeah. Major, I mean it's major and the course play tough, and I think -- I mean, Lee6 play really good golf. It's going to be a little more challenging for us to keep up with her.

But obviously just going to do my best and try it keep up.

Q. What about this course have you been able to kind of find that works well with your game this week? Anything you've seen visually or been able to adjust to that has allowed you to score well?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Yeah, I think off the tee I play the fade and I think that just kind of fit my game a little with off the tee. But just today that I didn't really drive as good as the first two days.

But, yeah, I think the course just really suit my game, and if I keep trying to do what I'm doing and stick to my plan and focus on my routine, that's just -- should be fine.

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