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September 6, 1992

Mary Pierce


Q. Mary, how nervous were you out there in the first set?

MARY PIERCE: Honestly, I wasn't nervous at all, because I practiced on the court already, and I mean, I was used to it. I have played on center court at the French Open this year a couple of times. I am used to big courts. So it did not bother me.

Q. It was just a matter of not having a rank, because you hit a lot of balls out?

MARY PIERCE: I really don't know. Today I just -- I just -- I just wasn't hitting the ball on the court at all. I wasn't-- I was practicing. I was playing well; in my last match. Tonight, I didn't play well at all. Mary Joe did exactly what she had to do to beat me, to keep the ball in.

Q. Were you nervous at all?

MARY PIERCE: That was the first question. No.

Q. But in the second set you seemed to be hitting the ball a lot more confidently?

MARY PIERCE: I mean, I wouldn't say it was a lot more confident. I just started hitting a little bit better; started hitting a couple of balls on the court. That is about it.

Q. Where do you go from here, Mary?

MARY PIERCE: I am going to go back to Florida to train for two weeks. I am going to go to a couple of tournaments in Germany and England.

Q. Is there any trouble playing at night? Have you played many night matches, and is night tennis different than day tennis?

MARY PIERCE: Well, I mean I used to have problems when I was wearing glasses, but I mean, I have played in the night matches and day matches doesn't really bother me.

Q. Mary, Jennifer just said that she was going to hire an outside coach because she felt it was too much closeness with the family. Anything that has passed your mind about that in terms of having an outside coach?

MARY PIERCE: Well, I mean right now I am in Bradenton working at Nick Bollettieri Academy there, and Nick has been helping me, so, I mean --

Q. Are you moving back to the States, Mary?

MARY PIERCE: No. Just doing the same thing, living half of the time over there in France and here.

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