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September 5, 1993

Mary Pierce


Q. Where was Mary Pierce tonight?

MARY PIERCE: I don't know. Maybe somewhere on a deserted island in the sun but not on a tennis court, that is for sure.

Q. What did you learn tonight, if anything?

MARY PIERCE: I mean there is not much to learn because I didn't do anything at all well. It is really a disappointing loss for me. I didn't think I could play worse than I did my first match here and I did tonight. I mean, really, honestly I just could not get my first serves in. I wasn't moving well at all. She was playing the ball pretty deep, making me move. I mean, I just couldn't do anything.

Q. Did you feel -- did you not feel right coming in or did you actually feel like you normally do?

MARY PIERCE: I actually felt really good, feeling pretty confident. I mean, practice was going well today. I was playing fine. Like I said before, I knew exactly what to do. I thought that I actually could have won the match tonight, but didn't.

Q. Did you really come in thinking that you could really -- this could be a breakthrough for you?

MARY PIERCE: Definitely. Yeah, I do.

Q. What is going to take to get that breakthrough, Mary, to win a match on a big occasion like this?

MARY PIERCE: I guess it is actually, I don't know because it is really disappointing for me because I don't know, I mean I can play as well as any player, but I guess when I just have to I am not. I guess that is what I have to do.

Q. Do you think it is mental or physical?

MARY PIERCE: Well, definitely mental because physically I have the game there. It was --

Q. How was the knee, was it hurting?

MARY PIERCE: It was a little bit but it has been the whole tournament.

Q. Steffi gets on a roll sometimes, kind of steamrolls through matches. Did you find yourself getting caught up in all that, not able to recover?

MARY PIERCE: Not really. She just played well, consistently during the whole time.

Q. What kind of preparation did you and your coach Jiminez go through before the match?


Q. Yes.

MARY PIERCE: Well, I mean we practiced this morning like how Steffi was going to play against me. I mean, like I said earlier everything in practice was working fine, so that is what I am really disappointed; really just amazed how the match went tonight.

Q. How would you characterize your whole Open; the whole experience this time around for you?

MARY PIERCE: For this match?

Q. For the whole Open. How would you characterize your experience -- are you happy with the way things went, just overall?

MARY PIERCE: I mean, in all of my matches I really didn't play the best I could. So I think that I learned there that when I don't put my best I can still just fight mentally and still win some matches when you are not playing well.

Q. What are your plans now? Where do you go from here?

MARY PIERCE: I think I am going to take about a month rest and let my knee heal and get ready for the tournaments in Europe.

Q. What made you feel so good about coming in this match and thinking that this was the time that maybe you would take her?

MARY PIERCE: Well, because I played Steffi about four weeks ago in San Diego and that was a close match and you know, I just felt really good. I thought I -- you know I knew what to do to beat her. I was feeling ready for the match.

Q. Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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