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July 22, 2021

Atthaya Thitikul

Evian-les-Bains, France

Evian Resort Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Not your first go-around here. You played here as a 14-year-old four years ago. How comfortable are you on this golf course already at such a young age?

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: Yeah, I played the first time when I was 14, and then the second time in Jabra the last couple months. I'm not really playing well over there in Jabra, but for now, I know the course pretty well, and I just know where to go.

Yeah, I think this course suits me right now.

Q. Do you have as much fun on the course as it appears?

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: I mean, yeah, it's a lot of fun up there with my caddie, as well. I don't have a point to take it serious. I think if you enjoy it and have fun out there, it will be great.

Q. You've had a tremendous season thus far, playing one event at home on the LPGA, finishing second, four on the Ladies European Tour with huge success. This week could be a career-changing week. Do you bring any kind of different game plan to an event this big than you would a normal event?

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: I mean, I just take it like normal, and I just play as I played it before in practice rounds, something like that. This course you have to be in the fairway and then it will be easier to get to the pin. Yeah, not really different.

Q. That was a great round. What are your thoughts after your round? Are you proud of the way you played?

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: Yeah, of course, definitely. It's a great opening round, bogey-free, as well, and yeah, before, my putting, I'm not really comfortable with my putting, but for today I rolled it well. I do it better.

Q. You said you didn't play well when you were here at Jabra. Were you thinking back on how you could overcome that? Were you using that to learn what you needed for this week?

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: Yeah, of course, definitely, because I played well there, but I had some mistakes that I take from, and that's what I learned from it. Yeah, I think it's working here this week.

Q. This has been a successful year for you, the near win in Thailand and you've got at least win on the LET if I'm correct.


Q. What has been the strength of your game this year?


Q. Or ever perhaps. What do you think is the strength of your game?

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: I think it's my driver for now, not before. In Jabra my driver was the worst. But yeah, I keep working on the driver a lot, and I think it's my strength and the club that I like.

Q. I wanted to ask you about the success of the Thai golfers, with Mo and May winning last week and Pajaree is tied for the lead right now. How strong is Thailand as a golf country right now?

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: I mean, right now if you see on the leaderboard, every week I think Thailand you can saw the Thai flag up there. I think it's pretty good that everyone representing Thailand.

We be here, we do our work, and we want to inspire the juniors. I think it's a really great point that we have -- we are together here and then representing our country. Yeah, I think right now Thailand is coming.

Q. Thailand is here. Who did you look up to as a junior, both Thai golfers and maybe golfers from other countries?

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: You mean role models?

Q. Yeah, your role models.

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: I mean, Ariya and Moriya and then Thai golf, all the Thai golfers is my inspiration to be out here to be a member and on the LET, as well. Yeah, awesome they play here and representing our country and inspire us.

Q. Do you have any non-Thai golfers that you liked to look up to or any golfer you'd love to get the chance to play with?

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: I mean, I look up at Minjee Lee, I guess. She have a really great personality. She is friendly. She's always smiling when she meet me. But I have played with her in Honda LPGA before. Yeah, she is so nice.

Q. You had a great first round today. What do you hope to take from today to apply into tomorrow?

ATTHAYA THITIKUL: Maybe I just go for rest, for get rest, because this is my fifth week in a row. Yeah, I just keep my momentum going for the putting, as well, for the iron, as well, because I hit a pretty good shot out there.

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