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July 22, 2021

Taj Harris

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Syracuse Orange

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Taj.

Q. Last season you talked about having a lot to learn, leadership-wise how you wanted to carry yourself. How have you grown as a leader? Knowing you step into this season with the opportunity to make a part of history, what that means to you?

TAJ HARRIS: It's definitely big being a leader, like all over my whole career I've been a leader. But definitely shaping into the leader that I am today took a little while. But I feel as though I'm coming along, doing a better job, helping out the younger guys that came in.

For this season coming up, I feel as though I have a good chance at fulfilling the things I have ahead of me. I feel more confident in our offense.

Q. You just talked about what you can do on the field making history. There's a Hall of Fame wide receiver by the name of Marvin Harris. How do you feel being mentioned with a name like that?

TAJ HARRIS: It's pretty big to me, sir. It was definitely big knowing, being taught about the things that he done on the field, playing for Orange. It's definitely big being able to be categorized with him.

Q. You caught balls from a lot of different quarterbacks last season at Syracuse, but still were able to be a steady producer for the offense. What does that say about you and your game?

TAJ HARRIS: Well, off-season, there's really no off-season, it's grind season. Every day three or four times out of the week we're throwing with the quarterbacks. It's not like another quarterback step up and it's like we don't have any rhythm. We're throwing three our four times out of the week. I'm throwing with every quarterback there is slinging it to me. It's not like I'm trying to get a rhythm, it's like we already have a rhythm going into it.

Q. You just brought up the fact different quarterbacks, you're getting into a rhythm with everybody. What can you say about the quarterbacks this season? How comfortable are you with multiple guys?

TAJ HARRIS: The quarterback room is looking pretty good. It been looking good since I got here.

Tommy pretty good, Shrader pretty good. But it's not just those guys. JaCobian Morgan, Luke MacPhail, a bunch of young guys. I feel there are talented guys that can sling the ball.

Q. You were an accomplished quarterback in high school. Did that position and that experience helping you in your role today?

TAJ HARRIS: Yes, I believe so. Being able to play the quarterback position, I was actually throwing the ball, I know what it looked like on their end of the ball, having to get it to us. It's definitely something I play hand to hand, playing wide receiver.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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