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July 22, 2021

Marshon Ford

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Louisville Cardinals

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Marshon.

Q. Your unique story of being a walk-on, elevating to where you are right now representing your team, what can you say about your specific road to get here, what you would say to walk-ons in general that there is that open opportunity and dreams can be realized?

MARSHON FORD: You're always counted out as a walk-on. You always got to take advantage of your opportunities, like each and every way.

For me, I was blessed to be able to get an opportunity from Coach Sat. I tried to take advantage of it, and I did. He rewarded me with a scholarship. Ever since then I've been humble and grateful that I was able to get that scholarship.

Q. You open the season against Ole Miss on television, the kickoff in Atlanta. How exciting is that?

MARSHON FORD: It's a great opportunity. This is actually my second time playing in Atlanta, but my first time playing in Mercedes Benz Stadium. I am very, very happy we get to do that. We get to showcase the work that we put in each day and out, yeah.

Q. You've been at Louisville since 2017. You're the old man in the bunch. What are you teaching the younger kids these days?

MARSHON FORD: Take advantage of your opportunities. That's what I get. As a tight end, you really don't see the ball that much, unless you are in Coach Satterfield's offense. When you get a chance, make the play. Each day and out, make that play. You might not know if you get the ball or you get the chance again. Take advantage of your opportunities.

Q. Can you speak a little bit more to being a tight end. You've played that position since high school. What is it about it that you like? What fits your eye?

MARSHON FORD: I like the contact. I like to hit people. I like to do the dirty work. The dirty work is always unseen. That's the type of guy I am.

Q. You like hitting or catching better?

MARSHON FORD: I like both really (laughter).


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