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July 22, 2021

Paula Creamer

Evian-les-Bains, France

Evian Resort Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. What has it been like to play pregnant?

PAULA CREAMER: It's been interesting. I definitely have lost a lot of yardage off the tee and things being pregnant. I think that's a common thing that you hear from a lot of the girls. Honestly, I feel pretty good. It's hard out here because it's so hilly. I just get out of breath. I'm not necessarily tired, it's just catching my breath is a lot harder than it used to be.

Q. Yeah, you're doing the work of two people.

PAULA CREAMER: Two people, yeah, I'm doing double. But I feel really good. It's been exciting now that everybody knows, being able to like celebrate with that, which is nice to be able to do that with your friends and everything. I actually don't have to feel like I'm sucking in everywhere I go. I can actually say yes, I am pregnant.

Q. How much do you plan to play the rest of the year?

PAULA CREAMER: I'd like to be able to play until -- there's several events that we have in the U.S. in September and beginning of October. Quite truthfully you just never know how you're going to feel, but that is my plan, to play maybe Arkansas, ShopRite and the Founders event after that in New Jersey, but if I'm losing much more distance, I don't know how much I can do out there off the tee. Like I said, if I feel good and everything, then I'll try to play as many as I can.

Q. I remember Gerina said the same thing. She lost like 40 yards or something.

PAULA CREAMER: It's incredible. You feel like you're swinging hard and you're hitting it hard, but it goes nowhere.

Q. I would imagine it's like a future-wise, it's kind of a wait-and-see process when the baby is born and how you feel after?

PAULA CREAMER: Oh, I definitely want to come back for sure. I have every intention of coming out and playing. Hopefully everything goes all right with birth and the baby and all of that, but yes, I definitely plan on coming back for sure.

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