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July 22, 2021

Pauline Roussin-Bouchard

Evian-les-Bains, France

Evian Resort Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. A good start to the Evian Championship. You played here in 2019; what did you learn from your time in 2019 to help prepare you for this event?

PAULINE ROUSSIN-BOUCHARD: Well, I learned a lot. I just learned so much about myself, about how to deal with all the people, with media, with my own family, my coach, my caddie and all that. I just learned a lot that helped me for the U.S. Open, and I kept learning at the U.S. Open to be prepared for these tournaments, also learned in Augusta. So it's just details and facts that I identify and then I just learn from them, and I just apply.

Q. Do you feel after the year you had at South Carolina competing in this event, competing at Augusta National, do you feel like those experiences have kind of put you ahead of the curve, so to speak, compared to other amateurs in your position?

PAULINE ROUSSIN-BOUCHARD: Well, what I would say is that I really upped the way I've been practicing in South Carolina. It's a structure that I love, and the way I practice there and the way I get prepared for tournaments, whether it's collegiate or a U.S. Open, I'm just going to practice as much as I can and the best way I can to be prepared because I have a larger picture and a further purpose, and so I think about that when I play.

I guess it was just getting prepared the right way for small tournaments to get prepared for bigger tournaments.

Q. And then you had birdies today at 2, 13, 15 and 18; any one of those in particular stand out as maybe something that really kind of helped solidify your solid round?

PAULINE ROUSSIN-BOUCHARD: Well, I tried not to pay a lot of attention to the score, but the birdie on the second hole -- so No. 2, so it was my 11th hole, was pretty funny since I played the area I wanted to be on, ended up a little bit long and then holed out that very long putt.

You know, playing in front of the French public, it's special, as well. It's just something I like.

Q. When you can have a round like this, like Celine Herbin, 3-under today, as well, when you can put rounds together like that early in a major championship, does that allow kind of some momentum just from feeding off the local fans?

PAULINE ROUSSIN-BOUCHARD: Yes. I mean, I'm most of the time in the U.S., and so being here, people are here to support the French people, the Frenchies, and that's what really nice about it. It's just special.

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