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July 22, 2021

Paula Reto

Evian-les-Bains, France

Evian Resort Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. That was a good first round, a good way to start a major. You've got to feel good right now.

PAULA RETO: Yes, yes, and I just -- going on the range today, I said if I can just keep focusing on my targets and keep hitting those shots, the first couple holes I just tried to do it and I got in a good rhythm, and I just played the way out and I kept going with the full round.

Q. What was the story of your round? Was it just trying to find that rhythm or -- what was the story of that round?

PAULA RETO: For me -- well, there's a lot of distraction, if you know what I mean, on this course, so it's really just honing into the one specific thing I'm doing at the time, and it's sometimes hard to sort of go into that moment, but I just really forced myself, literally trying to talk to myself one thing at a time, especially on this course, so I'm going to try to do it every other day from here on out.

Q. Any holes that particularly stood out to you where you thought you played particularly well?

PAULA RETO: Yeah, well, I liked the last hole, the ninth hole. I hit a good shot on to the green and had an eagle putt. Kind of left it a little short up the hill, but that was good. A couple of the par-3s I played really well, so yeah, some good golf for sure.

Q. You talk about distractions, but here they are good distractions, right?

PAULA RETO: Yes, good distractions. Make-you-focus distractions.

Q. It's good to be back?

PAULA RETO: It's good to be back, yeah. I haven't played this tournament in -- it's been a while, maybe three, four years ago. It's nice to be back, so that was one of the goals for sure. I sort of had to quickly get stuff going because I didn't start in the beginning of the year and I sort of reshuffled and sort of only here mid-year -- well, yeah, mid year I guess you would say, so I had to quickly get going. So hopefully this will be a little bit better.

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